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6 Biggest Challenges For Retail Store Operations In 2023
Are you in the retail store business? Find out the top 6 biggest challenges for retail store operations in 2023.
5 Simple Ways to Use Technology in Retail Stores For Increasing Sales
Technology in retail stores can help improve your brand's image and generate more sales for your business. Read this article to learn how to best use technology...
Store Audit Checklist: How To Build A Comprehensive Checklist Step-By-Step
A store audit checklist is as important as planning an audit process if you run a store chain. Click on this article to learn more about practices for creating a good audit checklist.
Top 7 Retail Merchandising Software 2023
Do you seek top retail merchandising software with the highest standards? You are in the right place. Check out today's article for helpful information. 
How To Make The Best Retail Auditing In The Digital Era?
How do you have the best retail auditing? The answer relies on various elements. We have compiled a list of factors that you might be interested in.
Visual Retail Merchandising Guidelines For Practical Implementation
Are you seeking a detailed visual retail merchandising guide? Discover a comprehensive handbook for visual merchandising that might impress you.
Quality Improvement Through Retail Merchandise Management
Improving quality requires good retail operations management. If not, the stores might waste their resources, costs in product and human resources.
How To Improve Retail Operations Management to Get Ahead of The Game
A smooth and efficient store management process is always the goal of any retail operations manager. Click to learn how to manage your store better.
Best Practices for Frontline Communication
Why does frontline communication matter in retail business? Check out today's article for some best practices.
Promoter Management: How Businesses Maximize This Great Source
How to have good promoter management when this workforce has flexible working hours and locations? Find out the solution in today's article.
6 “Red Flags” Make You Say No To Manual Retail Audit Checklist
Are you considering conducting the store audit manually? If yes, you should read this to know why you shouldn't use a manual retail audit checklist.
How Visual Merchandising Attracts Customers And Boosts In-Store Sales?
Do you know the importance of visual merchandising in customer attraction and sales increase for retail stores? Find out in today's article.
Why Do Businesses Switch To Digital Checklists?
Do you know the benefits of digital checklists? Find out what makes this tech-based solution stand out among other counterparts and the importance of this application to...
Store Audits: How Well Do You Get Your Stores?
Are you flying blind about your store audits? We are here to help you do better store management. Check out today's article now to know.
Success In Retail: How Japanese Retail Make A Success With DX
Digital transformation is not a new concept today. One of the world's DX successful retail markets is Japan. So what makes this market's success in retail?
Discover What Hinders DX or Digital Transformation In Vietnam
The digital transformation in Vietnam is expected to grow rapidly, which interests many enterprises when DX is introduced. However, they also face...
PG Management: Roles and Ways To Manage Effectively
Are you wondering about the job of promoters? What are their functions, and how to conduct effective PG management? Check out our article now.
Why Zalo Cannot Be The Best Business Communication Tools
Digital transformation is not new to business communication tools in developed markets, but in Vietnam there are some obstacles...
How To Establish Perfect Store Via The Retail Store Audit
Do you seek how to establish a perfect store via the retail store audit? We get your back. Check out a step-by-step guide in today's article.
Eisenhower Matrix of Time Management
You're learning about the Eisenhower matrix of time management to organize your messy to-do list. Let's learn essential information...
SMART Model: Overview & Best Practices
One of the effective ways to set goals certified by many businesses is to use the SMART model. So what is this model? Why should companies apply this...
How Does Corporate Culture Shape Digital Transformation?
Corporate culture is considered one of the factors that potential candidates carefully evaluate before applying. So what is corporate culture?
What is 6 Sigma? How Amazon Improves To Stand On Top
Are you looking for an answer to the question, what is 6 Sigma? What is lean Six Sigma? Let's find out with FieldCheck in today's article.
What Is Workflow? Definitions, Steps, And Examples
The purpose of the workflow is to facilitate the smooth and timely completion of the task. So, what exactly is a workflow, and how do you create an efficient one?
Customer Journey - 8 Steps To Building A Customer Journey Map (With Examples)
Let's discover why 86% of customers can spend more for a better shopping experience with an effective customer journey map in today's article.
What Is PDCA? Today's Most Popular Continuous Improvement Cycle
Meta: Do you want to know what is PDCA? This is considered a model to help make effective process improvement decisions in the business. Looking for more information…
Retail Management - The 8 Step Quality Improvement Process
Successful retail management is important for helping retailers conquer the market and grow their businesses. So what is an effective management process?
Gantt Chart: An Effective Project Management Method
One of the most effective methods for project management planning is using Gantt charts. Although it has been more than 100 years, many people still...
What Is Digital Signature? Important Things You Need to Know
Many businesses are now switching to digital signatures instead of conventional hand-signing. So what benefits does this form of signing bring to...
How to Manage a Retail Store Effectively: What Every Manager Must Know
Looking for effective retail store management? We have all that in today's post. Discover now.
How to Manage Field Force: How to Optimize 70% Efficiency?
How to manage field force plays an important role in collecting information about market business activities, helping management make the right decisions…
Compensation Management Software: Why It Is Important
What is compensation management software? Why do businesses need software to manage compensation policies and compute employee salaries?
What is OKR? Top Management Method of Tech Giants
OKR is the leading management method applied in many large technology corporations. So what is OKR? Find out in today's article.
How To Make Employee Attendance Report With Less Time
Many software vendors have now launched features to support businesses in making employee attendance reports, supporting payroll, and implementing effective project management.
We are pleased to introduce our new feature updates for your better management in field staff performance and operations.
Managing Merchandise Display with Technology from Electrolux Perspective
Find out how to manage the optimal merchandise display with technology in stores from the perspective of Electrolux in today's article.
7 Challenges And Solutions For Convenience Store Management
Convenience store management has never been an easy duty, especially for chain store managers. So, how do they overcome those difficulties?
Top 9 Time Attendance Software Of 2022
Do you seek suitable time attendance software for your business? You are in the right place. Check out our list now for all the information you need.
FIELDCHECK - Introduction Of New Features (August, 2022)
We are pleased to introduce our new feature updates for your better management in field staff performance and operations.
FIELDCHECK -  The Change In Raw Data Download Method
We changed the way to download the data for the better platform performance.
How To Manage Your Store Staff With Technology
How to manage your store staff with technology. In article, you will learn: (1) Challenges in managing store staff, (2) The application of store management...
How To Achieve Chain Store Management Excellence
Every retailer aspires to grow and expand. But running operations in multiple stores is a big obstacle.Managing frontline staff, quality and consistency...
How To Implement The Best Retail Audit
Do you fly blind in-store operations? Let's give retail audits a go. A comprehensive retail audit lets your brand collect on-the-ground data from stores...
5 Reasons to Use Retail Chain Management Software
Store chain management software is a tool to help retailers manage their branches well and support sales and store business more efficiently and conveniently.
Why Electrolux Selected FieldCheck for Their Regional Field Force Management 
Recognizing the importance of a scalable digital solution capable of helping optimize the performance of the field force, Electrolux inked a partnership with FieldCheck to aid with the field workforce and data collection.
3 Outstanding Advantages of Time Attendance Software Over Manual Ways
There are many time attendance software on the market that can support businesses with convenient features and bring many outstanding benefits. So what are those benefits and features?
We are pleased to introduce our new feature update for your better store management in purchases, sales and inventories.
Go Paperless For Store Audits with Digital Checklists
How to optimize store audits with technology? It's time to consider digital checklists instead of traditional methods. Find out the answer here.
What Is Business Intelligence (BI)? Its Importance And Best Practices For A Good BI Strategy
Business Intelligence or BI, roughly translated as business intelligence, is a technology that helps businesses analyze data in making decisions.
Steps And Tips To Use Store Inventory Management System
Are you looking for a suitable store inventory management system for your brands and retail businesses? What are the necessary steps to manage retail inventory?
8 Mobile Apps for Field Service Helping Your Teams Do Better
Companies will need mobile apps for field service to provide their employees with greater access to information outside of the office when the number of fieldworkers grows.
Why Is Visual Merchandising Management Strategy Important?
One of the most common strategies in retail is visual merchandising management. Please read this blog to learn about its significance and tips to use VM effectively.
What To Consider When Choosing A Retail Management System
Retail management system is increasingly on demand due to its diverse benefits in managing chain stores. What is it exactly? Find out in today’s article.
Top Field Service Management Software (2022 Review)
Field Service Management software is all about tools that support businesses to manage resources and communicate with field employees. So what is the best FSM software?
A Comprehensive Guide On Retail Audit To Brush Up Your Outlets
Retail audit is partly attributable to a business’s success. Should you seek a complete guide on it, check out our article for all necessary information.
What Is KOC? A New Trend Gradually Replaces KOL Marketing 
Promotion of products by KOCs is gradually becoming popular with the increasing popularity of many brands and brands for this form. So what is a KOC?
What Is The BCG Matrix? Coca-Cola's BCG Matrix Analysis
BCG Matrix helps businesses understand their current and future competitive landscape in the market. So what is the BCG matrix?
Why Is It Important To Focus On Inventory Control? Methods To Control Stock
Inventory control is always challenging for any retail and wholesale business. So what are the best ways to help you improve your inventory control?
5 Important Notes When Choosing Paint Store Chain Management Software
Are you looking for an effective solution to support your paint shop business? What noticeable things do you need to know to choose management software
The Weekly Calendar View is developed to help you better manage your field force and optimize the operation performance. The feature enables mobile users to check their past and future tasks easily for better planning and review of their work.
What Is A Flowchart? How To Apply It For Businesses
What is a flowchart? How to draw a Flowchart following its rules ? Some benefits and the ways to apply Flowchart for business processes will also be in this article.
Top Easy Ways to Evaluate Employee Performance
As a manager or HR specialist, you must design a policy for performance review. So, what is it, and how to evaluate employee performance?
How To Use MBTI Test For Human Resource Management
Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you a rational or emotional person? The MBTI test will help you determine which personality group you belong to. Find out in the article below!
8 Retail Visual Merchandising Tips to Drive Sales
Right visual merchandising strategies could augment the total sales of the chain store. Explore eight helpful tips to help you build a good display plan now.
Supply Chain Management (SCM): Overview & Importance
What is supply chain management or supply chain process? How does it impact the business? Find out with FieldCheck in today's content.
What Is Dropshipping? 8 Steps To Do Business With This Model
What is Dropshipping? The following article will provide details on the concept and characteristics so that you can understand how the dropshipping model works!
What Is Affiliate Marketing? Everything You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is still one of the hot phrases on the market today, bringing a certain commission if successful. So what exactly is affiliate marketing?
Trends in Food and Beverage Technology 2022
What technologies are or will become trends in the F&B business? Read the article to understand more about the trends in food and beverage technology that will shape the future.
Top 10 Big Digital Transformation Trends In 2022
2022 is expected to be the year to witness 10 important digital transformation trends. So what are the trends here? Let's find out in today's article. - - - -
6 Steps To Planning Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
Businesses are gradually transitioning to integrated marketing communications. So how to plan integrated marketing communications? Let's answer in today's post.
Kaizen Philosophy: The Application to Improve Business Productivity
Kaizen is a method mentioned by quite a few people in the business community. So what is Kaizen philosophy? What makes Kaizen applied by many businesses?
What is Sales Adminstrator? Things That You Should Know
Most businesses today need at least a sales adminstrator for their operation management. So what is sales adminstrator and what is the job of this position? Let's find out…
The Difference Between Customer Care And Customer Service
Both customer care and customer service are essential activities of a business. So how to take care of customers effectively to enhance the brand and increase revenue?
What is the Difference Between Dealer and Distributor?
Meta Description: How to distinguish distributors and tier-1 authorized dealers? How to choose the right model for your business? Let's find
What Is Wholesale? Advantages & Disadvantages
One of the popular business models besides retail is wholesale. So what is wholesale? Let's find out in the article below.
Standard Operating Procedures for Retail Pharmacy (Guidelines)
Standard operating procedures for retail pharmacy will help operations run smoothly and achieve the highest results. Let's take a closer look at the specific steps in this process.
How KAO Optimizes 70% Sales Data Input Process
After 27 years of establishment and development in the personal care and cleaning product industry, KAO Vietnam, a subsidiary of...
What Is Brand Marketing? The Importance Of Modern Marketing
Brand marketing is a familiar concept in the marketing industry, but not many people understand its activities. Read the following article to understand this concept better.
5 Big Challenges of Business Management (2022)
What major challenges of business management that companies are facing amid a strong market shift? Let's find the answer in the following article.
Human Resource Management: Ten Modern Business Trends
Today's businesses all want to optimize human resource management. By introducing many different methods, the business's work is more optimized
What is Work Management Software? Top 5 Names
Interested in work management software? Please refer to the following article about the most effective job assignment software today...
Market Segmentation Of Vinamilk - Successful Marketing Strategies Analysis
Properly selected Vinamilk's market segmentation, combined with an effective marketing strategy, has helped the brand capture a large market share.
What Is ERP? Is ERP System Suitable For SMEs?
You are considering the application of ERP software in business management. So what is ERP system, and is it right for your company?
7 Important Notes For An Effective KPI Strategy
To realize the business vision, it is critical to build a complete KPI system. Learn 7 important notes to have an effective KPI strategy.
What Is PB? Qualities Needed To Succeed In PB Job
PB in stores and shopping centers' opening events is becoming increasingly common. So what is PB? What are the opportunities...
What Are The 4Ps Of Marketing? Analysis of Coca-Cola's 4P Marketing Strategy
4Ps of marketing is one of the most favorite models of businesses to choose because of the obvious benefits it brings. Learn more about this model.
Business Model Canvas: The Key To Success For Startups
Business model canvas is an effective support tool for all businesses of all fields and sizes. Scroll down to discover how to use this model effectively.
What is Sales Management Software? Top Names for You
Sales management software is being sought by many sales businesses due to the benefits it brings. Learn more about this app in today's article.
What Is SOP? How To Organize Standard Operating Procedure
What is Standard Operating Procedure? It is a commonly used term in many fields of business, and plays a very important role in the operation of the business.
Visual Merchandising To Increase Sales And Brand Value
Visual merchandising is crucial for driving sales and building brands. So what is visual merchandising and how can you apply it most effectively?
What Is Visual Merchandising? Useful Tips For Retailers
What is visual merchandising? It's one of the common terms in retail. Let’s dive into this blog to discover its importance... 
POSM: The Strategy To Attract Customers At The Point Of Sale
POSM is a familiar concept for retailers, supermarkets, and grocers. So what exactly is POSM? What role does POSM play in marketing activities?
Maslow Hierarchy of Needs in Business
Maslow Hierarchy of Needs is a powerful tool that makes it easier for marketers to identify market segments and customer profiles...
Displays At Outlets: Terminologies and Product Display Strategies
Display at outlets directly affects the customer's shopping behavior and the overall sales. Figure out the strategy of product display to increase sales.
Trade Marketing - How To Build Perfect Strategy
Trade marketing is a concept that is no longer strange to retailers and large businesses. So what is trade marketing? What role does it play in marketing?
Digital Transformation in Business: Is It A Sustainable Way?
Digital transformation in businesses is a necessary step to avoid being left behind and develop sustainably. So what is digital transformation in business?
What Are The Recent Operations Management Trends In 2022?
With the decent development of technology and the era of information, what will emerge as the main issues and operations management trends?
What Is Planogram? Its Importance & Best Practices
What is planogram? It refers to the art of displaying goods more scientifically and effectively. Understanding planogram helps you optimize the effectiveness of your product presentation.
How to Achieve Retail Chain Management Excellence
Retail chain managmenthas never been easy for business owners. Here are some useful experiences for people who are running a store system.
What Is ERP Software? Features And Benefits
ERP software is one of the perfect solutions for business management problems. So what is ERP software? What benefits does ERP bring to businesses?
The Art Of Eye-catching Creative Product Display
Creative product display is one of the factors that help promote sales effectively, attract customers and gain their loyalty to the brand.
What is HR Software? Why Use Software Instead of Excel?
HR software is a comprehensive management solution for businesses in the digital age. The software helps administrators have better evaluation of employee performance.
What is KPI? Top Five Best KPI Management Software
KPI management software is a tool to help businesses accurately evaluate the performance of each employee, department and the whole system.
Suggested 10 Creative Product Display Ideas For Retail Industry
The art of creative product display not only increases the effectiveness of product promotion but also helps customers find goods easier...
Commission Management Software Application in Operations: Overview & Benefits
Commission management software helps businesses eliminate cumbersome processes and errors in entering data and calculating complicated incentives.
Top Five Ways of Time Attendance Management
Employee time attendance management is a crucial task in the business operating activities. How to symbolize the process and get the final...
What Is FMCG? All Information About The FMCG Industry
What is FMCG? What is its importance in today's market? Here is all the information about the FMCG industry you might want to know.
Streamline Work Handover Process For Human Resources
Many new employees feel confused in on-boarding but do not receive the handover file from the old employee. An effective work handover...
Common Effective Retail Chain Store Management Model
Building a retail chain store management model requires businesses to consider many factors such as standardization of operating procedures
Chain Store Management Software: Challenges And Benefits
Chain store management software helps to optimize your business operations, from sales management, employees to incentives with features of ...
Customer Data Collection Best Practice to Follow
Customer data collection is extremely important for every business campaign. Understanding customers helps to offer the right products and promotions…
Use Store Audit Checklist for Operational Excellence
If you want to digitize store audit checklist, we are here to help you out. Check out today's article for all the information you need.
Top 4 Best Free Employee Management Software
Free employee management software to help you save costs for your business. However, it does limit the features professional businesses require.
Why is Productivity Management Important for Businesses?
Work productivity management is extremely important in the operating process of the business. So how to manage work productivity to bring...
Marketing Mix Strategy: The Leading Solution In The 4.0 Era
Marketing mix strategy is a tool used to market to the right target customers. So what is this strategy, how does it play a role in the development of the...
Top Best Task Management Software in 2022
Are you having trouble assigning tasks to employees and managing work progress? Top best task management software today will help you hack productivity with ease.
PG Management Software Application For Marketing
PG management software was developed to help the PG team be more professional and proactive in their work, resulting in higher productivity…
6 Perangkat Lunak Manajemen Waktu Dan Kehadiran Teratas
Perangkat lunak manajemen waktu dan kehadiran membantu bisnis memantau kehadiran karyawan dengan mudah sekaligus menghemat biaya...
How To Make Time Off Management Easier
As a human resources manager, your inbox may be filled with employee leave applications. Now with the time off management software tools, the process of managing leave will be easier...
Hybrid Work: The Future of Work Style
The hybrid work model has been applied by businesses for a while. Especially in the post-pandemic period, it has become increasingly popular.
The 4 Ps of Marketing: Effective Strategy For Businesses
The 4Ps of marketing play a certain role in helping businesses define their marketing options. So what are the 4Ps? How does this model work...
Top Optimal Employee Management Software 2022
Are you seeking an employee management software to help optimize your business' operating processes? Check out today's article for helpful information.
Promoter Management Software: Features And Benefits
With a promoter management software, business owners will capture all PG activities with a few taps on mobile phones. Accordingly, they could take …
What is Market Segmentation? 4 Types Of Market Segments
What is market segmentation? How do you identify the right target market segment? Here is some information about market segments that may be helpful
A Step-by-Step Guideline of Sales Training Process
To have a smooth sales training process, businesses need to conduct a good planning and execution across the whole departments. Explore a step-by-step guideline...
Visual Merchandising Management Tips to Boost Sales
Traditional visual merchandising management is no longer suitable for customers' tastes. FieldCheck helps businesses save time and costs and increase…
SaaS Platform: Overview & Advantages for Businesses
What do you know about the SaaS platform, the type of software that leads the global technology trend? What is a SaaS platform? What benefits...
What Is A B2B Sales Representative? The B2B Role In Digital Commerce
In the digital age, it is advisable for B2B sales representatives to have good qualities, high endurance, intelligence, and sensitivity to help the business develop.
HR Management Software For Employee Monitoring
HR management software has been developed as an effective "assistant" for administrators. It helps the HR team manage the workforce effectively and improve productivity...
What is CMMS? Seven Benefits for Businesses
CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is a software solution that optimizes managing, monitoring, automating, and deploying
FieldCheck: The Optimal Equipment Management Software For Businesses
Equipment management becomes easier thanks to the integration of tech-backed solutions namely FieldCheck with a host of features like incident reports,...
Document Digitization Process: Benefits And Goals
The document digitization process is a solution to optimize time, cost, management and data security for businesses. Immediately refer to some
Business Digital Transformation: Steps and Benefits
Digital transformation is an optimal solution to help businesses survive and develop in the digital age. Read to learn more about business digital transformation...
Retail Staff Management: Overview and Best Practices
Retail staff management now becomes much easier thanks to the technology-backed solution. This approach helps businesses streamline...
Why Should You Use Field Staff Management Software?
Field staff management software assists businesses in empowering them in task deployment while providing a supportive tool to monitor the field …
A Simple Way To Manage A Food Chain Store
How to manage a food chain store is no longer a challenging issue when introducing the technology-backed software to handle the tasks of store audit
What Hinders DX In Vietnam Business Operation?
Vietnam boasts a strong base of IT infrastructure. Still, some challenges thwart the penetration of DX like the popularity of Zalo, business culture, …
How To Manage A Clothing Store with Technology
To manage a clothing store requires the smooth management of products, merchandising, stock, etc, leaving the burden on the shoulder of supervisors.
How to Enhance Coffee Shop Management with Technology
It is advisable to get a chain coffee shop management software to assist shop owners in their business, ensuring smooth operation throughout your coffee …
8 Tips For Effective Food And Beverage Management
Some tips for food and beverage management include understanding customers, consistent service standards, high food quality, and...
Effective Task Progress Management Process
Effective task progress management will help businesses firmly grasp the order of task deployment as well as check that the process is in accordance with the…
Why Should You Build A Chain Store?
Building a chain store could help boost sales but also cause difficulties in management. The aim to build a chain store is to help ...
9 Ways For Effective Sales Team Management
Effective sales team management will help the chain store operation process become optimal. Some ways to manage a store include listening to…
How Task Management Software Works For Businesses
Task management software applications play an important role in helping businesses operate efficiently, transparently, cost-effectively and…

Admin functionality of mobile field management tools for sales & promoters

Map view to manage field effectively

Timeline to manage field effectively

Photo to manage field effectively

Data analysis to manage field effectively

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