Retail Store Operations Checklist | Digital Retail Merchandising Audits

Sales / Order Management

Location Management

Attendance Control

Store Photo Collections

SKU / Price Check



Data Collections

Admin Tools

Map View



Data Analysis


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Fieldstaff take photos and share them via the app but managers fails to get the merchandising trend or follow-up actions


The fieldstaff take the photos and share them through the messaging app but the managers fail to understand the merchandising trend, or follow-up actions

Skateholders and visual merchandisers could track the merchandising deployment and store quality easily for timely actions


Now all the stakeholder is able to view the merchandise deployment status and the store quality easily. Visual merchandisers could work on their work more effectively thanks to the digital visit list

Trusted by a variety of the enterprises

Brands from different industries digitalize their field operation with FieldCheck

Admin functionality of mobile field management tools for sales & promoters

Map view to manage field effectively

Timeline to manage field effectively

Photo to manage field effectively

Data analysis to manage field effectively