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Sales / Field staff keeps their visit record online by check-in for better follow-ups. Fake detections roll out to prevent the fraud attempt

Location management

Sales / Field staff to check-in for the visit to keep their visit record online for the better follow-ups. A variety of fake detections to prevent the fraud attempt

  • GPS management
  • Fake detection
  • Route planning
User-friendly Digital To-Do Porter interface to track and evaluate individual or team

Retail audito (Digital checklist)

Digital checklist on field for audit purpose. Easy scoring feature for better understanding. You could share note or follow-up action among the team

  • Scoring
  • Note for the key action
  • Approval on supervisor
  • Flexible audit scenario making
Simplified process management and time-off approvals, all from the mobile app

Attendance management

Make the time-off application easier from the mobile app to omit the manual approval process and spreadsheet-based management. Timeoff request and approval both on mobile app

  • A variety of time-off request
  • Automated day-off management
  • Support by hour, half-day request
View staff's performance both from app and administration tools for the next actions. All the data are reflected real-time

Performance management

View staff s performance both from app and administration tools for the next actions. All the data are reflected real-time

  • Sales / incentive management
  • Performance by user / store
  • Team performance view
  • Graphical UI for easy analsyis

Lean fieldwork digitalizaition with video

Admin functionality of mobile field management tools for sales & promoters

Map view to manage field effectively

Timeline to manage field effectively

Photo to manage field effectively

Data analysis to manage field effectively

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