We are pleased to introduce our new feature update for your better store management in purchases, sales and inventories.

PSI Dashboard Feature

In order for you to view the business situations of your target stores, we created the new PSI dashboard for you to manage Purchases, Sales, and Inventory situations of the target stores. The data that your fieldworkers collect will be summarized real-time to see the business trend.

How PSI Dashboard Works

1. Real-time Collection

psi dashboard new feature

The data that your fieldworkers collect will be analyzed real-time to see the balance and trend of Purchase (Sell-in), Sales (Sell-out) and Store Inventories. Sell-in information could be manually updated or be automatically collected via API integration with your ERP.

2. Flexible Analysis

psi dashboard new feature

The dashboard enables you to analyze the PSI performance by various criteria including by user, by store, area, by chain stores, etc., which will indicate where you have the business potentialities and risks. You are also able to view the trend as the summary and analyze them as the separate durations.

3. Auto-calculations

psi dashboard new feature

Not only showing the collected figures, the dashboard supports the auto-calculation based on the formula. Administrator is able to configure the KPI such as “week of inventories” by setting the formula.


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