From the screen process, interviews, boarding to scheduling to benefits and compliance, HR system could run like a clockwork as long as there is the proper technology to support. To make the human resource workflow easier and smoother for both HR department and HR managers, a suitable cloud-based HR software appears to be an indispensable part of businesses.
So what is exactly HR software? What are its benefits? Find out in the content below.


HR software

HR management is crucial for businesses

Reasons Why Not Using Excel for Human Resource Management

Many businesses use Excel as it brings many benefits and saves time and human resources compared to traditional human resource management.

This free software has many smart features, such as creating easy human resource management sheets and doing the calculation by formula instead of traditional methods.

HR software

Using HR management software

Although it is defaulted by many businesses, it is a management application that the human resources department needs to master. But now, Excel is no longer suitable for the human resource management process of businesses. This application has become outdated and no longer meets the increasingly complex working needs of the HR department.

Here are some reasons why businesses should not use Excel for HR management.

1. Scattered Data

Using Excel in human resource management causes data to be scattered. This makes it difficult for employees and managers to review overall data or make comprehensive reports.

In the process of managing by Excel, the data is distributed in many different files. The human resources department will take much time and workforce to handle. This not only wastes the workforce but also hinders the overall review. Influencing the report generation process, causing a delay in decision making. That affects the work plan of the entire enterprise.

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Managing people

2. Poor Security

Human resource management using Excel does not guarantee data security. Enterprise information, especially sensitive data related to salary, bonus, working days, commission, ID card/CCCD number, PIT number, social insurance book number, contract number, the reason for leaving, etc. ..easily leaks during management.

The Excel application has no ownership and no marked data areas. Therefore, data is easily spread if someone uses the same computer or intentionally steals it. Not to mention that many people use the same form, making it difficult to control security.

HR software

Data security

3. Difficult To Follow-up

HR software requires users to be proficient in calculation functions. Therefore, it is not inherited by the next person. Especially for newcomers, it is difficult to decipher data files and organize information on Excel forms left by old employees.

Newbies will have to modify the form according to their experience to continue working. They may also have to start over from scratch. And after they quit, this history can repeat itself to the next person.

4. Poor Integration

Excel software has very poor integration capabilities. It cannot meet the necessary features in human resource management such as Time attendance, integrated salary calculation, leave management, KPI/OKR management, assets, data, chat software, and text electronic signature.

Excel cannot integrate with modern technology applications. Even basic applications like Calendar, Gmail, v.v Excel can't connect.

5. High Risks During Data Import and Export

All operations on Excel are performed manually. From data entry to searching, tracing, copying, and editing data are all manually entered by the human resources department. This leads to errors during data entry or editing.

Errors can be more serious when many people access and edit an Excel file at the same time. Even data can be permanently deleted if someone manipulates it by mistake.

6. Impossible To Upgrade When Company Scales Up

The bigger the business, the higher the data storage needs. At this time, managers need an application that can be easily upgraded according to the development process of the business.

With big data, you can't store it by adding page numbers, columns, or rows. In other words, it's impossible to manage human resources with Excel when the company gets bigger.

What Is HR Software? Why Use Software Instead Of Excel?

HR software helps administrators manage information accurately, in detail, and centrally. All operations are automated, and information is stored in an orderly manner. The application has many modern features to help the human resources department manage and optimize the potential of each employee at work.

Besides, the software is also designed to suit each enterprise's business model and field. Thereby promoting the improvement of recruitment productivity, personnel management, time, salary and bonus, vacation days, commissions, and human capital most effectively.

1. What Is HR Software?

Human resource management has never been easy. This job requires a manager to have a smart mind and a delicate, emotional heart. In other words, HR managers need both IQ and EQ to be able to recruit and train a team of professional and qualified employees.

Many business owners feel overwhelmed when they have to manage many employees. Because each department will have its specific work, it isn't easy to control each person's work performance and capacity. Human resource management software was born to help you share that burden.

HR software is also a human resource management system (HRMS). Businesses choose this application to manage human capital or an organization's human resource information system. In short, human resource software is an enterprise system used to manage employees effectively.

2. Why Utilizing Cloud-based HR Software Instead of Excel?

HR software can overcome all the disadvantages of Excel and bring great benefits to businesses. Here are some advantages of the application.

2.1. Save Time And Effort

The software can integrate many tools to form a complete management system. This system has the function of automatically collecting and processing data accurately and quickly. All data is concentrated in a single place, making it easy for the HR department to track, search and manage information.

2.2. Quick, Accurate Decision Support

Data is updated to the system in real-time, making it easy for managers to capture all information in the most detailed and intuitive way. The software's automatic reporting system also supports data analysis to help managers see the full picture of the enterprise's personnel. From there, make the most accurate and effective decision to use human resources.

2.3. Secure Data

The software automatically updates and correctly calculates all data according to pre-set conditions. In addition, the data is secure; there is no leakage or loss thanks to the decentralized feature for each individual.

2.4. General Standards of Personnel Data Storage

HR software has an intuitive, user-friendly interface and always follows common data storage standards. The application is inherited, making it easy for older adults to hand over work to new people without spending a lot of time training or rebuilding the data system.

2.5. Limiting Human Errors

When managing human resources using Excel, data errors may occur. However, with HR software, errors caused by manual input will be thoroughly overcome. In addition, the application also offers quick handling measures if errors occur when using.

2.6. Manage Human Resources Anytime Anywhere

Compared to Excel, HR software brings many attractive benefits to businesses. The application allows users to manage personnel anytime, anywhere, without limitation of time and location. Such as:

Employee time management

Workday management

Overtime monitoring

Manage leave days

Calculation of fixed working time and overtime of each individual or department.

2.7. Use Human Resources More Effectively

The application of HR software helps businesses reduce manual management operations such as human resource reporting, salary calculation, KPI calculation, and commission calculation... with complex Excel.

In particular, the application helps businesses use human resources more effectively by properly assessing each person's capacity. From there, establish a training plan, and exploit and use human resources to achieve the highest efficiency.

All data is updated on the system so any department employee can search and use it, which is something that Excel cannot do.

HR software

All data is synchronized on the system

How To Choose the Right HR Software For Your Business

The general criteria when choosing HR software are: Full of features that best support administrative work, such as:

Recruitment, performance tracking

Monitor and calculate salary, bonus, tax, and insurance accurately and objectively

Automatic commission calculation

Managing employees outside the market

Manage working days and vacation days accurately.

Human resource software is considered effective when managers can see the overall picture of the company's personnel and labor quality through accurate and detailed reports on the system. Here are some golden criteria to help you choose the right HR software for your business.

1. Meet Professional Needs of the HR

When choosing HR software, you need to look for an application suitable for the enterprise's size, nature, and type of business. Each enterprise has its peculiarities in personnel structure. Therefore, managing human resources and calculating salary and bonus is also different.

Therefore, human resource management software must meet two basic requirements:

  • The first is to assist managers in recruiting, training, monitoring, and evaluating personnel in the most detailed and objective way.
  • The second is detailed tracking and statistics, salary, bonus, personal income tax, working day, commission, and employee changes. Through data reports, managers will fully understand the company's human resources and labor quality.

2. Friendly And Easy To Use

HR software needs to be accessible to anyone, even those who are not tech-savvy. Not only user-friendly, but the software must also be easy to use, monitor, and manipulate easily and quickly.

Software applications allow departments to coordinate work. To approve the joint report, the management board will make accurate decisions about the HR strategy.

In addition, the software is also integrated with many features. It allows users to create different types of reports suitable for each use. The software interface is user-friendly and easy to implement with simple operations.

3. Information Security, Data Safety

The most important criterion to evaluate quality HR software is its ability to secure information and data. Accordingly, the software must have the feature of assigning permissions to each person according to each location, and the data needs to be confidential. Avoid leakage or data loss due to multiple users.

Choosing software with high security is better than finding a reputable supplier. The supplier's quality can be assessed through the number of years of operation and their partners. A supplier with a long history in technology software will bring peace of mind during use.

4. Centralized Data Management, Strong Linkage

Quality HR software is capable of centralized data management. All employee information from the time of sending cv to interview, trial, official work, and resignation are saved on the system.

This helps managers have an overall view of employees' capabilities and plan appropriate personnel allocation. In addition, the application must also integrate a chat function to help employees exchange easily between departments. Thereby saving administrative costs and human resources for businesses.

5. Great Integration Capability

This is an important criterion when looking for HR software. When choosing, you need to find out if the application can link with other software.

Also, consider compatibility with the technology platform that the business owns. It would help to choose software with an open API system to connect with third-party products easily.

Top Popular Human Resource Management Software Today

The technology market offers a wide range of HR software choices for businesses. However, FieldCheck has compiled some of the most highly rated applications available today to make it easier for you to choose.

1. For Timekeeping, Payroll, Benefits Management

Timekeeping, payroll, and benefits management software automatically frees you from cumbersome and complicated calculations from Excel. Here are some apps you can refer to.

1.1. Fieldcheck 

FieldCheck is one of the HR software that customers highly appreciate for its modern features, user-friendly interface, and optimal management efficiency during use.

FieldCheck application possesses many outstanding features such as:

Allow employees to check-in/check-out and apply for leave on mobile phones.

Automatically time attendance for employees based on real-time. Avoid timekeeping or false reporting of workdays.

Integrate functions of calculating salary, bonus, and benefits automatically.

Calculating complex commissions for employees without using complicated functions and formulas.

Manage leave days on the system.

Monitor employee performance and work quality according to KPIs.

Use checklists to score employee performance and quality of work.

Support staff to report quickly and accurately.

HR software


1.2. Base Attendance 

Base Attendance is human resource management software for businesses. The application owns many outstanding features to help businesses comprehensively solve all problems related to human resource management. Some of the salient features include:

Support making automatic timesheets for businesses

Software integrated with timekeeper helps to manage leave days, calculate salary and bonus automatically

Online check-in and facial recognition to avoid fraud

Manage individual benefits, evaluate performance, and reward each employee.

Support employees to report work quickly and accurately.

Base software


1.3. Tanca 

Tanca is an HR software that supports shift division, timekeeping, employee payroll, recruitment support, and corporate asset management. The software has several outstanding advantages, such as:

Flexible shift management with up to dozens of different shifts.

Employees can register shifts and review them on the system.

Calculate the amount automatically with different salary levels of each employee.

Management approves overtime, late to leave early, and paid leaves quickly.

Intelligent reporting system with necessary indicators such as total personnel, personnel changes, working time structure, and personnel retention rate.

Assist in recruiting and setting KPIs for employees.

Tanca software


1.4. Zenefits 

Zenefits possesses many outstanding advantages, especially suitable for small businesses and startups. Some of the outstanding features of the software include:

Linking data on one system such as timesheets, shift tables, health benefits, salary fluctuations, taxes, and deductions.

Manage employee attendance and leave.

Track employee working time on a mobile phone.

Manage welfare strictly, methodically, and comply with the provisions of law.

zenefits software


1.5. Gusto 

This is the ideal HR software for small businesses. The application possesses many outstanding features, such as:

Timekeeping management, accurate and detailed salary calculation for employees.

Support in managing benefits quickly, such as complete reports on taxes, payments, and insurance for employees.

Recruitment report and detailed budget plan.

Support to create employee handbook on the system.

Store data on a unified platform.

gusto software


2. For Employee Performance and Work Management

Some quality HR software to manage work and employee performance can be mentioned below.

2.1. FieldCheck

FieldCheck supports project-based performance management of individuals and departments on mobile phones. All data is quickly updated in real-time.

The application supports senior management in monitoring team performance and expediting approvals.

Software to support intelligent work planning. Adjust and divide work according to the ability of each employee. Break down the work into different levels associated with the name of the person in charge, deadlines, and specific KPIs.

Manage and track work status easily right on your mobile phone.

Support for quick collaboration; employees can be immediately notified when problems arise.

Review work easily, not limited to time and place.

Report the performance of each employee according to specific projects and departments.

Ranking Top employees who complete work helps managers objectively evaluate employee capacity.

2.2. Base Wework

Base Wework HR software possesses outstanding features such as:

Manage work by department and project.

Support detailed work planning.

Monitor work status effectively.

Quick exchange between parts.

Reviewing work is easy.

Report the performance of each employee.

Can be integrated with other applications.

base wework

Base Wework

2.3. iHCM

This is an HR software that applies the MBO goal-based management method with modern features such as:

Planning specific work goals such as setting KPIs and OKRs on the system.

Closely supervise the work of each individual, department, and team.

Collaborate and support easily and quickly.

Evaluate employee performance against clear and transparent goals and KPIs.

iHCM software


2.4. Asana Software

Asana HR software helps you to track all projects, jobs, time, and employee performance easily and effectively. The software possesses outstanding features such as:

Plan and track project progress by status, tasks, deadlines, and completion percentage.

Manage detailed work by a task list, performer's name, completion deadline, and priority order.

Change jobs easily with just one click.

Flexible switching of the display interface.

Automated work reporting system.

Extensive integration with external applications.

asana software


2.5. MyXTeam Software

MyXTeam is an HR software that helps manage employees' work simply and effectively thanks to preeminent features such as:

Planning and assigning tasks easily and in detail.

Discuss work quickly and flexibly with the built-in chat feature.

Measure the workload and work efficiency of each employee.

Store documents in each folder to help you easily review and evaluate employee work results.

MyXTeam software


Wrapping Up

Each HR software will have its advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics. Depending on the needs of your business, you can choose the right application. Break the leg!