You might want to know what is sales administrator when you are here. Briefly, sales administrators are those who receive, process online sales orders or via email and phone.

Their responsibilities are maintaining the records of sales, the orders and invoice accuracy, and compiled sales reports. They might be needed to liaise with departments and do research about new products.

To provide a better understanding of this job, including the sales administrator duties and responsibilities list and sales admin job description, let’s dive into the content below.

What is Sales Adminstrator?

Sales adminstrators or sales admins are those who are under the management of the sales director and the sales manager.The main job of the sales  admin is to work with many different departments to support sales and business activities, in order to bring the best profit results for the business.

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sales admin

Sales adminstrator in the business

Sales Adminstrator Job Description

So what does a sales administrator do? Scroll down to understand more deeply the responsibilites of sales adminstrator.

1. Receive & Process Orders

Sales admin will be responsible for receiving orders from customers sent to the company through different channels such as website, email, and phone.

The next work will check the information and order status to make sure the customer has provided the correct and complete information: price, quantity, and discount.

In case of wrong information, the sales admin can record it so that the customer can update the necessary information and send it back so that the sales admin can carry out the necessary order execution.

what is sales admin

Sales admin to receive and process orders

2. Enter Orders

After receiving accurate and complete information from the customer's order, the sales admin will proceed to enter data into the system. The department will then process the order.

Information to be checked includes:

  • Payment status
  • Credit
  • Level

The inspection will help the business to issue orders for dispatch or production. Sales admin must check whether the information is correct or not so that updates and additions can be promptly notified. 

When completing the order, the sales admin department will request, prompt the accountant and send the goods to the customer.

sales admin

Data management

3. Manage Customer And Partner Profile Information

All information related to customers currently doing transactions with the company will be managed by the sales admin and updated when there are changes.

Additionally, they will also be responsible for creating a profile for new customers, including: name of the management representative, contact details, orders and invoices.

Sales admin is the person responsible for managing the information of the business's customers. When there is any change in the customer's transaction, the sales admin will update the change in the customer's record. Some information in the new customer profile should include:

  • Representative name
  • How to contact
  • The order
  • Receipt

Managing records and detailed customer information will help the sales admin provide complete and accurate data that is needed and useful for sales reports. 

This job can assist the sales department to create a suitable business plan and combine with other departments such as marketing more effectively.

sales admin

Sales admin to support the business

4. Consult And Support Sales

In addition to the jobs mentioned above, sales admins also advise and support sales by receiving and fulfilling requests from customers, for example: quotation, delivery time notification, etc.

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Sales Admin Job Requirements

In fact, the sales admin does not need to be equipped with too much specialized knowledge. However, basic business knowledge is a necessary condition of a sales admin. 

Businesses also need experienced human resources in the sales industry or majors related to economic, financial and business administration.

1. Organizational And Management Skills

Sales admin needs to practice and hone management skills as well as organize work and information in a scientific way. The reason is because the workload in managing and supporting other parts of the sales admin is a lot.

Without a scientific arrangement, the sales admin will have difficulty in solving related problems. There should be careful and meticulous work because the sales admin works directly with reports, sales and contracts.

sales admin

Organizational and management skills are important for sales admin

2. Negotiation And Communication Skills

This is also one of the prerequisites for a sales admin to be able to negotiate and communicate at a good level.

The reason is because the sales admin is the person who is directly in charge of negotiating and negotiating the terms of the contract, in order to bring the best benefits to the business.

3. Presentation Skills

To be able to support different departments as well as work with customers, the sales admin also cannot lack presentation skills. This ability helps the sales admin to communicate information related to work, reports, contracts in the most understandable and concise way.

Therefore, if you are oriented to the sales admin career, equip yourself with the skills of presenting in front of the crowd masterfully!

comunication skill

Public presentation skills are essential for sales admins

4. Office Software Skills

One of the other important skills that a sales admin needs is the ability to use editing software well. Because the work of the sales admin is mostly related to documents, knowledge and skills in office software are essential.

This skill will help the sales admin complete the job as smoothly and scientifically as possible.

sales admin

Office skills are essential for sales admin jobs

5. Teamwork Skills

Last but not least is the ability to work in a team. Sales admin supports many different departments, so the ability to work in groups will help exchange work and track work progress more effectively.

When the sales admin is skillful in teamwork from connecting between members of the committees, exchanging customer information, etc. The work results will also give positive signs because all stakeholders will receive the information needed for the job.

Some other skills that you should have if you want to be a sales administrator:


  • Customer service
  • Communication skills
  • Language, grammar, and spelling
  • Detail orientation
  • Work management skills

Qualification For A Sales Admin Position

It can be said that the job of a sales admin has a very high horizontal spread, not focusing on a certain field or industry, mainly knowledge related to business and administration. Therefore, when you have a desire to do this job, you should choose related majors such as:

  • Business administration
  • Office administration
  • Commercial business
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Accountant
  • Economic law

Besides, it is necessary to accumulate working experience in fields such as trading and business. If possible, equipping them with business expertise will be a huge plus, expanding the development path in the sales admin job.

what is sales admin

Career prospects are wide open for the position of sales adminstrator

Sales Adminstrator's Career Outlook

The fact that sales admin jobs have high prospects for promotion in work. The reason is because this position is managed directly by the sales manager. If the employee has good skills and capacity, the sales adminstrator can become a manager to supervise the business or a sales director.

It can be seen that with promotion opportunities and high income, sales admin is an attractive job for young people. Since most businesses need a sales department, the demand for recruiting sales admins is always high.

Wrapping Up

That's all the content related to the question what is a sales adminstrator along with other useful information related to this position. FieldCheck hopes that the article can provide you with all the necessary information. Thanks for reading the article!

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