Work handover is a necessary process when you leave for a new job. So what are the steps in the handover process? How to effectively hand over work?

Here are some suggestions to help you hand over the most detailed work. New people can take over and manage work more effectively through your handover.

What is a Work Handover?

The handover of work is to hand over all the tasks lists you have done, completed, and not completed to the new person, the person responsible for managing and taking over the job when you change positions or quit.

Task handover helps newcomers grasp the status of the work and continue to complete it. An effective handover process must include sharing both factual and subjective information.

For example, who to turn to for support, the strengths and weaknesses of team members, where to go to get resources, outstanding customer characteristics, etc.

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Old employees must hand over their jobs to new employees

Difficulties When Handing Over Work Without Support Management Software

Handing over work is extremely important for businesses, transferring information between old and new employees. The purpose is to exchange and hand over to ensure that information and data are not lost. At the same time, it helps newcomers take over the work and inherit the former employees' unfinished items.

When handing over work without support management software, you may encounter difficulties such as:

1. A Large Amount Of Data That Are Difficult To Synthesize By Hand

All jobs and data will be transferred to the new person when leaving a job or changing positions. At this time, a huge amount of data can cause time and effort to aggregate. Documents, if not statistically, can cause difficulties for those who accept the job later.

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Manually handing over causes difficulties when combining data

2. Inconclusive Work Handover Process

This easily leads to errors, lack of documents, or data loss during handover. Besides, it is also more difficult for the manager to know what the new employee has received from the old one.

In addition, the process of handing over work is unclear, easily causing problems when newcomers take over the job. For example, when you cannot find the required handover document.

Failing to grasp the process and efficiency of business cooperation with customers. Newbies do not know who is capable of supporting them in the process of working and so on.

3. Easy to Make Mistakes During Handover

Handing over work without the support of the software is an easy way to make mistakes. The confusion of data between projects and customers can affect the work and business performance of the company.

In addition, manual work handover is prone to data shortages, making it difficult for newcomers to work, and they often have to contact you later.

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It is easy to make mistakes during data handover process

How To Hand Over Work Effectively?

When you intend to quit your job, you must hand over the most accurate and detailed work to a replacement. To effectively hand over the work, you must note the process below.

1. Revise the Job Description

The first step in an effective handover process is to update the job description. The handover must ensure that all the information is correct. Simultaneously, the job description is simple and easy to understand.

Specific job descriptions include task lists, KPIs, purposes, means of work, and support people. Furthermore, it would be best if you elaborated on the skills required to assist newcomers in working more effectively.

In addition, you need to train new employees and help them understand the business and products. Teach them how to use internal tools until they become proficient. Follow up and support new employees, helping them to perform specific tasks before you leave.

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Updating job descriptions are essential when handing over jobs to new hires

2. Gather Data And Information

To effectively hand over work, using support software is extremely necessary. FieldCheck will update all data and handover information with the most accurate and detailed information. With the job list compiled on the system, you will not have errors or shortages when handing over jobs.

Some information and data need to be aggregated in task management software to make it easier for new employees to access. The information you need to provide includes:

2.1. Incumbent To Make Deadline List

This list includes a list of daily tasks employees need to perform. FieldCheck software with a simple to-do list feature will help newbies have a better overview of their daily tasks.

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FieldCheck software best supports the job handover process

2.2. Information About Existing Projects: Newcomers Need to Take Responsibility

Project objectives and expected outcomes stakeholders, collaborators, and facilitators' current progress, and expected completion date. All information about the project needs to be handed over in the most accurate and detailed way.

2.3. Other Important Information

customer list, product order address, contact information, and detailed requirements for contact information for managers, colleagues, and support staff; and notes on each person's responsibilities

Take note of the possibilities and your solution. Add information that needs new people to manage, such as personal development plans and their strengths and weaknesses.

Handing over the process, file, login information, specific working account, etc. Summarize the standard work handover process, signed by both people.

3. Making Plans For New Personnel To Receive Information

It is an important step in the effective handover process. In the first week, new employees begin to approach work. Now you need to help them get used to each item.

When newbies have a good start, it will be easier to take on work and finish unfinished projects most effectively. At the same time, your support will help them work more smoothly.

For the best job handover process, you should provide newcomers with documents, company manuals, job descriptions, a list of colleagues, working tools, and support software. They are called job handover checklists

This practice helps newcomers know what they will have to do, what the task is, who to contact, etc., to avoid confusion. Besides, you can also introduce new people to partners and customers to help them cooperate more effectively.

Finish job planning with automated management software, which helps old and new employees track and work efficiently and save time.

4. Directly Instruct The Incumbent

Direct, hands-on instruction is the fastest way to help newcomers understand how to work. Instead of handing them a bunch of data, papers, etc., you help them know what to do with them. This approach enables newbies to grasp the work faster and more efficiently.

Job training for newbies can take a few days. However, under your direct training, new personnel will easily absorb and accumulate experience and apply it when working.

The FieldCheck app helps you train new employees on your mobile phone anytime. Software that supports training is not limited in time and space. The process of interaction and exchange is done directly through the chat feature. All data is continuously updated and shared with relevant people.

With FieldCheck, cross-training is surprisingly effective. The connection between the old and new employees helps the job be completed smoothly and on schedule.

bàn giao công việc bằng fieldcheck

FieldCheck makes it simple to share news

5. Use Fieldcheck Management Software To Share Team Information Quickly

The FieldCheck management software application in handing over work helps members continuously update and detail all data quickly. Especially through such data, new employees can review their work status anytime, anywhere, without being forgotten or missed.

With FieldCheck, you can share information regularly. The system will automatically update the data in real-time. Therefore, when there are new employees, they only need to rely on available data to learn and apply useful knowledge to their work.

Team members can exchange and share knowledge about work and customers on the application. New employees will integrate quickly when directly participating in the group. At the same time, getting acquainted with team members and supporting each other to work more effectively is easy.

FieldCheck supports operation on all electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc. The application allows updating data online and offline without any limitation of time and location. It helps employees manage their work effectively.

If you are looking for a program to help hand over work efficiently and professionally, please get in touch with us immediately for quick support.