Today's retail market has been excitingly developed when more players entered to occupy the market share pie. Chain stores are gradually being launched to boost sales and brand identity in the market.

In return, this expansion somehow puts management pressure on the arm of stores. Embracing the needs of businesses, SaaS providers have introduced store management software. This software integrates the fundamental functions to assist store managers in their daily business activities more effectively.

So what are the outstanding features of chain store management software? Why should businesses opt for this solution? Let's find out in today's article.

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Optimize business management with store management software

Chain Store Business Challenges That Managers Often Face

Before we seek a solution, it is obvious that we are struggling with some ongoing issues. There is no exception when running a store chain business.

The increase in the number of stores is proportional to the complexity of chain management. So what exactly are the challenges of the chain store business?

Sales Management

When many new stores are opened, a positive signal is that a business is growing. Managing sales at all stores is also more challenging than before.

You will have to spend more time summarizing and managing sales when the chain store business expands, especially when you use pen and paper or different excel spreadsheets to manage sales.

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Traditional paper-based sales management is ineffective.

Staff Management

As the chain store size increases, the number of employees also increases. You'll need to track more employees' attendance or productivity and calculate monthly incentives. Being able to manage them well without any support solutions is not easy.

Merchandising Management

Like the above issues, store owners are also faced with the question, "How to ensure the standards of display in the chain over time?, or "How to implement a consistent and great display of goods at stores?"

You would also have to do an inventory check. Let's do a little calculation here. You have to report the number of goods per day on one page daily. After one month, you will have to spend thirty pages reporting to a store on average.

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Workers spend a lot of time checking inventory

That figure is multiplied by the number of stores in the supply chain. In other words, you will have to manage a large amount of data on paper, which puts pressure on calculating the total or figures precisely without missing any data and makes it difficult to store documents for later inspection.

Customer Data Administration

You might not know this, but customer data management plays an extremely important role, helping you better seize the key customer segments for your chain store.

So, how can the customer database be managed effectively as more customer information is entered?

Besides, some businesses still use pen and paper to record customer data, leading to vulnerable information loss. This method will result in difficulties in taking care of customer experience.

Synchronous Update of Promotions

Introducing promotions such as product discounts in business activities will partly help stimulate stores' sales. This approach will not be difficult when you manage a small number of stores. You can inform staff by sending posters or banners announcing your promotions.

But what if you have about 20–30 branches? Is the above approach still effective? We have to say that it's hard.


Based on the ongoing challenges in a chain store, it is essential to have a solution to integrate the management tasks into one platform. In this case, store management software is a great option. So what are its pros? Find out in the section below.

What Are The Advantages Of Store Management Software?

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Store management software application to run retail operations effectively.

As soon as the employees input the sales volume on the phone, the software automatically records it on the system, optimizing the management process and checking it later.

You also better grasp employees' performance trends by tracking employee productivity. Accordingly, you could introduce appropriate employee reward policies.

With the introduction of retail chain management software, managers can improve the process of checking inventory and stores. The reason is that staff could check the number of products on one platform, avoiding errors when updating or reporting product quantities.

This solution also supports more efficient visual merchandising work, creating consistency among stores. Managers can create store display standards using the software and assign them to stores timely and quickly. You could also rely on the retail store management software when you have to inform them of any news or updated promotions.

How Could FieldCheck Chain Store Management Software Help?

FieldCheck was developed to help businesses improve their chain store business processes. So what is FieldCheck exactly? How could our solution help your business? Your answers are all below.

What is FieldCheck?

FieldCheck is an all-in-one fieldwork software that could support store management. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in market research and fieldwork, we have developed FieldCheck with many features based on technology and big data application.

Fieldcheck Features To Best Support Store Management

1. Simple Store Audit

You can easily utilize FieldCheck store management software to create digital checklists with different question types and invite the staff to do them via the Admin tool.

Store staff will then update to-do tasks on their devices instead of paper and pen. Based on the task questions, they could easily carry out the store audit.

2. Real-time Inventory and Sales Management

FieldCheck transforms the application of paper and pen or Excel to daily report sales at stores by using phones to input the figures. Your staff could open the app, input the number of goods sold, and hit submit.

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Mobile phones are used to report sales

All the figures will be quickly recorded on the platform in real time. It is effortless for the admin to track store sales and take important actions if needed.

Inventory audits are also a breeze with FieldCheck. Store staff or supervisors could use the app to update the number of products at the store and order the products if needed.

3. Simple Consumer Data Collection

Replacing the traditional pen-based way, FieldCheck supports customer data collection via mobile devices quickly and conveniently.

With only a few simple steps of inputting the information on mobile phones, staff could update customer data at stores into the system. Notably, FieldCheck integrates a phone number verification feature to verify the accuracy of customer information.

As a result, store owners have a useful database to support sales campaigns or consumer loyalty programs.

4. Merchandising Examination

To ensure consistency in merchandising standards at stores and improve brand identity for chain stores, FieldCheck has developed a helpful feature to embrace the demands of merchandising management.

You can set up display items and send them to store staff for quick and convenient deployment through the Admin tool. Your employees could access tasks on a mobile app and follow the instructions.

Additionally, merchandising supervisors could rely on pre-existing standards to audit conveniently.

5. Open Attendance Management

Our solution eases the challenges of managing employees' working hours and productivity. Your staff could check in on their devices when they arrive at stores and check out when they leave. Their activities are instantly recorded and analyzed in the system in real time.

Management-level personnel could monitor attendance in the Timeline sector or get a bigger view with a graphical analysis of employee productivity in the Analysis.

It is easy to monitor whether staff comply with the working regulations of the company or conduct appropriate human resource policies.

6. Regular News and Promotional Updates

Delivering new products and promotions to promoters is much easier with FieldCheck. You could create a notification on the Admin tool, add related media files, and send them to the staff. The entire process of news announcements is now digitized instead of using email or posters to inform.

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Quickly send notifications via mobile devices

7. Location Administration

FieldCheck outweighs other competitors thanks to the application of advanced GPS. Accordingly, this technology could automatically determine the store's location without any complicated steps.

Our chain store management solution integrates multi-layer anti-fraud to avoid location fraud in attendance monitoring activities.

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Best-store location management

With the aim of supporting enterprises to run their business smoothly, FieldCheck store management software is developed to ease ongoing operational challenges and digitalize activities for better convenience and quality.

If you own a chain store and need a solution to assist you in managing your work efficiently, let FieldCheck be your trusted companion.

Contact us now to learn more and experience the free demo.