In developing retail markets, promoters are chosen by many brands to promote marketing plans such as new product or service launches, sample distribution, promotion, etc., and drive sales at stores and points of sales.

The reason is that this force, when well-trained, can become an effective bridge between brands and customers, promoting brand recognition to consumers.

In addition, one of the objective reasons why developing markets choose promoters is because of reasonable labor costs, which bring obvious economic benefits.

But unlike managing other human resources, promoter management requires managers to have a broader view due to the nature of the job such as working in many places, seasonality, shift, etc.

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Consequences of Ineffective Promoter Management

1. Unable to Control Promoter Working Time

Promoters often operate in many locations and have different working hours. Depending on the content of the campaign, Their shifts are often flexibly arranged by management.

However, also because of the same nature of promoters work, managers often have difficulties in managing their working time because a promoter can work at many different times, similar to different points of sale. .

Without a proper PG management method, leaders or supervisors may miss or fail to manage cases where they do not work seriously. For example, the promoter is late or not at the assigned work place, affecting the results of the campaign or the planned event.

In case the brand side sends people to each point of sale to control all promoter activities, the business owner will incur an additional cost for personnel.

In addition, the manual management of promoters work can consume a considerable amount of time for the back office staff to summarize and produce the final results table.

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2. Difficult to Accurately Update Off-Market Inventory in Real Time

Another problem with inefficient management of promoters is the failure to timely update inventory issues in the market. Since there is no real-time inventory support, they are not able to have a clear grasp of the available stock.

This problem leads to the case when the customer wants to buy but has no stock and cannot replenish the necessary goods in time. 

The consequence is that the business loses sales opportunities, directly affecting the revenue of the store as well as the business of the enterprise. It is difficult to follow the trend of product consumption in the market.

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3. Difficult To Track The Trend Of Consuming Products Outside The Market

In addition, when performing manual management, all information and data collected by them are stored in the traditional way on paper, pen or spreadsheet. There are two problems related to the above situation are:

For pen and paper:

  • Data may be wrong due to incorrect information recording error from promoters
  • Paper-based records may be lost or damaged due to environmental factors

For spreadsheets:

  • Input data errors due to human error
  • Waste of time entering data into spreadsheets
  • Time and manpower-consuming to calculate and synthesize the data

In addition, when collecting data and information about products in the market in the traditional way, management levels will not have an overview of the current situation and trends based on the above numbers.

To get a specific analysis, it will take you some time to implement, affecting the launch schedule of a reasonable product push strategy in time to increase sales. This problem also affects the competitiveness of enterprises with other names in the market.

4. Time-wasting Report Generation 

The next problem that can be mentioned when businesses do not have a suitable way to manage the promoters is the loss of time to make reports. Since all data is recorded on paper or spreadsheet, it will take some time for management to process the collected data.

When time is spent on manual aggregators, it also means that businesses lose time to research, evaluate and come up with appropriate strategies to promote customer experience, raise increased interest among customers, get positive feedback and boost sales.

Another serious problem is the loss of error due to manual reporting. Only one error can significantly affect the overall result of the plan.

promoter management software

Managers are struggling to manage PGs

5. Ineffective Communication Between Management And Promoters

Effective communication is one of the keys to managing relationships with your employees, customers, and stakeholders. Poor communications can detrimentally affect relationships and potentially lead to lost revenue and damaged brand reputation.

Slow delivery of information can also directly affect campaign results, especially when the retail market is becoming increasingly competitive with the participation of many different names.

For example, when there is a rapid change in promotional information such as an insufficient number of gifts in the campaign, management needs to grasp the information as soon as possible so that appropriate change decisions can be made.

However, when managed manually, to aggregate a large amount of information at many different points of sale is not possible. Therefore, this situation leads to the effect that the effectiveness of the marketing campaign is directly affected.

In addition, promoters may also experience embarrassment because they do not receive timely direction. Without the right training, the customer experience can also become bad, affecting the customer's impression of the brand and the store.

What are the Solutions?

The question is how to solve the problems mentioned above. Thanks to our experience in conducting market research, we understand the problems the brand is facing when managing the promoters.

That's also one of the driving forces behind the development of FieldCheck, an app that helps us manage the forces in the market with technology more efficiently and solve the problems raised by manual management.

Powered by cloud and real-time mechanism, the FieldCheck app offers 5 key benefits:

Promoter Attendance Management

Using GPS support, FieldCheck enables online check-in and check-out right on mobile devices. Accordingly, promoters can report their working hours easily.

In addition, thanks to multi-layer anti-fraud and location anti-fraud features, management can be assured of reported results. One of the advantages that makes FieldCheck the ultimate solution is its ability to automatically aggregate and analyze real-time data.

Admin levels can access the system anytime, anywhere to get a summary of working time, task completion rate, sales for each user.

promoter management software

Real-time system to manage staff

Not only that, our digital solution also provides the ability to rank the highest performing users. From there, human resource managers will have a foundation to make reasonable bonus policies.

On the contrary, for users with bad performance, they are shown with specific data on the system. Management can use these numbers to make appropriate improvement decisions.

Real-time News Updates

One of the important problems when management assigns work to promoters is the lack of objectivity in the content of work and responsibilities between the parties.

The consequence is that promoters do not clearly understand the task to be done or the details of the job clearly. When any task-related incident occurs, it is easy to lead to a situation of extrusion of responsibility.

Therefore, the solution of updating information in real time will easily help the assigned personnel to grasp the work in better detail. In addition, the real-time mechanism also makes the exchange and communication smoother and faster.

From there, this mechanism will solve problems related to the delay in receiving information between management and staff. Not only that, one of the other outstanding advantages of the real-time mechanism is to improve the information's transparency.

On the Admin interface, you will be able to access all information about time, location and other details about the task right on the system without using or contacting another party to know. job information.

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Effective communications

High Visibility of Business Trends

As soon as any employee reports work results using their mobile device. The system will immediately update the information and process it automatically. When completed, the system will show the analysis table in a separate section.

Accordingly, you can see visual charts or trends based on specific data to get a glimpse of the current performance. As a result, you will have a basis to make appropriate data-driven decisions in a more correct way.

Efficient and Fast Reporting

We provide a solution to the problem of reporting a response from certain sections of employees who exhibit dishonesty. 

By automatic mechanism and full data update in real time, the FieldCheck system provides digital reports that you can directly download from the system and share with stakeholders with just a few clicks.  

Not only that, you can also customize more questions or any unnecessary information before exporting the report for download. This process saves optimal reporting time.

And because the numbers are updated in real time with the help of technology in verifying the accuracy of the location and time of the job, you can be assured of the transparency of the reports on the system.

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Graphical analysis

Real-time Inventory Updates

Another important issue is updating inventory. Because the import and export volume at the stores is updated in real time on the system, the parties involved know the current status at the point of sale.

When there is a shortage of goods in any of the shelves, store managers can quickly grasp and make appropriate replenishment decisions. Therefore, the availability of goods for customers to buy is always guaranteed.

Merchandise loss due to manual inventory is also minimized, helping to optimize profits for your in-store operations.

Incident Management

In store operations, unexpected incidents are inevitable. The important factor is how to detect the problem early to have the right solution. If problems go undetected, they can have greater consequences for the store owners.

Understanding the importance of incident management, FieldCheck also developed a feature to help managers empower staff, including the promoter, to report incidents at the store or point of sale quickly. 

Not only that, the promoter can directly select the personnel involved in the incident, helping to shorten the problem reporting - resolution process.

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Mobile timeline interface

Wrapping Up

Promoters are only the effective bridge between the brand and the customer under the proper management. If the store owners do not have a suitable promoter management method, it is easy to lead to a situation of waste of human resources and time.

With technology support, FieldCheck provides the optimal solution for companies, minimizing possible problems, and improving operational efficiency.

In addition, under tight management, the promoter force can also have a better working attitude, increasing discipline in their work.

Learn how FieldCheck can assist your business today


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