There is no denying that business procedures are evolving. It's critical to understand what your employees desire at work if you want to keep them content and productive.

Employers are utilizing the potential of their current staff due to the global staffing crisis and cost pressures by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks, improving forms of communication, and boosting their operational workforces.

Furthermore, staying on top of recent operations management trends will help you achieve your objectives in the upcoming year.

operations management

Keeping up with current trends to achieve your goals in 2022

What Are The 5 P's Of Operations Management? 

Operations management is the administration of all the activities and procedures to create goods and services that involve planning, implementing, controlling, and monitoring business practices. 

The 5 P's operations management model is determined as Product, Process, People, Plant, and Program. It is important to look for different distribution channels to manage the operations and effectively reach potential customers. 


In an organization, the production and marketing teams will work to produce products that can satisfy customer demand. These must align with the following aspects: performance, selling price, quantity and quality, reliability, and delivery. 


This P is one of the key factors in deciding the success or failure of operations management. The process is designed to achieve the business objectives through activities relating to manufacturing safety, cost, capacity, etc. 


Building an operational facility for producing goods and services is necessary to operate a manufacturing unit smoothly and consistently. Thus, the plant requires an effective layout to allow the availability of production capacity, materials, and labor force, along with standard machinery to support the production process. 

operations management

A production facility needs to have a practical design


Without competent and skillful human resources or manpower, organizations face a lot of challenges in the accomplishment of getting work done. Each person has a unique range of skills and approaches to work; thus, he must be matched with the right profession for which he is qualified to attain the best outcomes.

Additionally, a manager must address salary, incentives, compensation, workspace, and other issues to ensure that frontline workers are operating at their peak productivity levels.


A realistic timeframe for deploying and accomplishing different schemes should exist in a manufacturing unit. A series of events are set up to handle various circumstances such as stockpiling, ordering, repair, and logistics. 

The Prospect Of Operations Management In 2022 

1. Lack Of Staff Is Causing Tension, But It Doesn't Have To

Personnel is the top cause of stress for line managers, especially frontline teams who lack workers due to the complex job market. Employees are taking on more of the slack, which causes them to feel overloaded and strained.

Operations Management

Managers are always concerned about staffing deficiencies

Due to the sheer staffing issues, operations managers will have a big chance in 2022. It doesn't seem like the labor dispute will end anytime soon. However, shift scheduling software can relieve so much pressure by giving users immediate access to the latest tasks and making it easier to interact with coworkers to change schedules. Plus, frontline team leaders will benefit from streamlined approval options and functions of operations management.

2. Using Common Motivating Factors To Drive Frontline Employees And Team Leaders

Team leaders believe a welcoming and open workplace atmosphere is the secret to employee loyalty. On the other hand, team members are less focused on culture and more obsessed with issues that affect their daily duties, such as human resources and new policies.

The good news is that feedback, performing well at work, and gaining new skills are among the intrinsic incentives shared by managers and frontline employees.

To achieve effective operations in 2022, it is important to leverage these motivating elements. Here are some methods your company can use to do that:

  • Explore your frontline information environment for feedback channels
  • Invest in frontline automated systems
  • Optimize shift scheduling
  • Spend money on training for senior and new staff

3. Designing An Environment That Puts Employees First

The year 2021 was the age of adaptability and resilience. In 2022, businesses will make radical changes to create an employee experience. It helps bridge the gap between line staff value and corporate ambition while enhancing productivity and motivation. In the long run, employees are more motivated and constructive.

operations management

Staff policy and working environment must be prioritized

Furthermore, employees' physical and mental well-being should always be highlighted during 2022 when developing an employee experience. Operations managers, in particular, must be involved for this to be successful.

4. Process Automation In Face Of Huge Leaving

In 2021, approximately 4% of the retail staff quit their jobs. In June 2021 alone, about 632,000 workers resigned from retail positions. Almost one million hospitality and tourism workers left the industry in September.l

Without a doubt, talent retention will be the highest priority for companies in 2022. As a result, businesses invest time and money into workflow performance improvements involving process integration.

Digitization, in particular, is a major element in supply chain management for 2022. It not only makes things a lot easier for direct managers, but it also makes employees happy and satisfied.

Staff tasks can be performed in minutes using the best technology and tools.

Automation does more than boost employee satisfaction. It also:

  • Increases operational productiveness
  • Ensures accuracy and reliability throughout the organization
  • Improves the overall employee experience
  • Optimize workflows

5. Integrating Different Systems For Smooth Frontline Tech Experience

Frontline workers are nowadays multitasking a lot. Additionally, operations managers must streamline processes whenever possible so that mission-critical employees can concentrate on what is better for the company.

Browsing through unconnected information across various platforms is a major source of frustration for production workers. Do you know how strenuous it is to switch between different platforms and apps in search of a prompt response?

Workflows are separate, sluggish, and ineffective without a centralized, digital information source. Workers can lose an average of three hours per week when they can't collect the facts they need whenever needed.

Five Transforming Frontline Recent Trends In Operations Management 2022

Due to COVID-19 global outbreaks, customer habits and business trends have changed significantly, and thus, managers need to transform their processes and programs to adapt to new operational challenges and opportunities. 

1. Priority on Well-Being and Safety 

All operations managers will focus more on safety and health for the following long periods. Adapt quickly to internal systems and practices changes to stay compliant with new safety and compliance laws.

2. Digitizing Manual Processes 

Technology use has increased because of COVID-19, resulting in less efficiency. On the bright side, digitalization will eliminate monotonous chores, cut expenses, and grow capacities in ways your teams could not handle.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is one of the leading trends in management

3. Improving Company-Wide Communications

In light of daily news and information, deploying mobile communication solutions for the whole organization is crucial. If your communication channels are not mobile, it may pose a disconnection, and the workflows are facing out of track. 

4. Fast Responding to Demand 

Consumer behavior has quickly changed as a result of COVID-19. The ability to swiftly master maintaining a good balance between inventories and meeting market demands is essential for operations managers.

5. Prompt Resolution To Problems

Your field and management staff must be extremely alert because the outbreak has led to new rules and changes in customer behavior. Digitize your internal auditing procedure to make adjustments or deal with problems as they arise promptly and accurately.

Manage Your Field Better With Mobile Technology

Automation will play a key part in organizations' efforts to enhance multitasking jobs while gaining the balance between people and technology. And the year 2022 has been dedicated to raising productivity while keeping employees at the center of operations. 

Mobile technology

Mobile technology boosts productivity and satisfaction

Grasping these future trends in operations managementmany SaaS providers have developed mobile technology applications to meet the demands of field work. Field Check is one of the pioneers in the software industry that has integrated the following useful features to facilitate the digitalization and business operations in retail:

  • Attendance management
  • Incentive management
  • Store audit and digital checklist
  • Visual analysis

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