Modern consumers tend to crave for experiences over products. In other words, they prefer to go shopping in a store giving them a good impression.

In that case, creative product display or visual merchandising displays is one of the secrets to attracting customers and increasing brand awareness and revenue quickly. 

The art of retail merchandising display is attributable to encourage customers to go to the buying decision. A good first impression in store display or the way how the products are located in store or interior display in visual merchandising could help stores attract customers to visits the shops again.

84% of research panelists prefer brands that provide nice experiences to counterparts who don't (Salesforce Research, Customer Trust Trends, 6)

The question is, how to maximize the performance of store and product display? To help you out in this matter, we have compiled a list of top 10 creative product display ideas for your consideration. Are you eager to know? Let's get the ball rolling.

What is Product Display?

Product display is a form of arranging goods at stores and supermarkets. Each store has a different arrangement to attract and attract customers to visit. The product display process can be flexibly changed. However, they all have to work towards the common goal of increasing production and sales.

It can be said that displaying creative products is an ineffective form of marketing. Attractive product displays combined with advertising and marketing campaigns bring incredible sales results, especially for the retail industry at stores and supermarkets.

Nice store display

Nice display gains the attention of customers

What are the 4 Basic Types of Displays?

There are four fundamental types of displays, including cross mix of items, feature one item, related products, and similar products.

Check out the details below to better understand of these displays types.

Cross Mix of Items

This style indicates the way in which one puts the goods and merchandise in the relation to other goods and merchandisie which compliment the key merchandise businesses are showcasing. The integration of this way of displays could entice customers to buy more merchandise from businesses.

Feature One Item

Apply this way of display, store merchandisers will place a product as the key point of attention within a display. It could be utilized in window display or in-store display to demonstrate the item that the stores aim to generate the focus on. The stores could showcase this type of displays with signage, promotions, and the products of the week/month.



Related Products

In terms of related products, merchandisers could showcase the items together which are relevant to other products. This type of display relies on the general them or story that businesses try to inspire. The application of this concept could aide in consumers buying more from the stores. For instance, a salon could showcase numerous accessories and beauty products together.

Similar Products

Similar products refers to those that are alike yet used in many ways. They could have identical functions and general design elements. That said, they are ultilized in a different way like numerous haircare lineups.

visual merchandising

 An effective marketing way via visual merchandising

Store and Product Display Roles and Purposes

Store and product display acts as a bridge between businesses and customers. This effective marketing channel allows businesses to bring products to consumers more easily. At the same time, displaying goods is also an effective marketing channel to help increase competitive advantages for businesses.

Store and Product Display Roles

Store and product display poses a range of roles in driving sales and marketing performance. The proper strategy of visual merchandising could help inspire the story behind the display to customers. Accordingly, it could gain a good customers' impression, encouraging them to buy products.

Additionally, a good product display idea could stimulate shopping demand when knowing the benefits of products and services. 

Eye-catching product display

Eye-catching product display

Retail Merchandising Display Objectives

Businesses often utilize various strategies of both exterior display in visual merchandising and interior display in visual merchandising. These campaigns aim at the following objectives:

  • Managing products
  • Introduction of discounts and offers
  • Introduce new products to customers
  • Build a sales space that appeals to all senses of customers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Attract potential customers
  • Stimulate sales and increase sales
  • Increase competitive advantage over competitors

Product display helps build a beautiful image for the business and products so that customers have a good impression and come back to buy again and again.

store display

 It is essential to pay attention on visual merchandising to incrase brand identity

Suggest 10 Creative Display Ideas For Retail Industry

Creative product display art makes it easy for customers to find the products they need. At the same time, bring interesting experiences to consumers, making it easy for them to remember your brand image in their minds. Some suggestions for displaying creative products below will help your business score absolute points in customers' eyes.

1. Creative Product Display

Creating an overall and comprehensive picture of the product is the idea of ​​a creative product display to attract customers. Most businesses can paint a picture of the product for consumers to imagine before deciding to buy easily.

The picture of goods the business creates helps customers imagine what the product will be like when they use it. Therefore, each product line needs to have its display so that users can easily imagine it. 

For example, regarding interior products, the store can decorate the space under the architectural style of the majority of households; or display a bed with different furniture and accessories to create a real bedroom space in the store.

2. Division of Different Sales Areas

When setting up the visual merchandising items for stores, it is better to divide the space into different areas such as visual merchandising wall display and visual merchandising table display. On top of that, there should be signs and instructions in each area to help customers easily find the goods they need.

The division of the sales area also makes it easier to manage products. At the same time, it makes a good impression on customers about the logical arrangement of products, which helps them easily find the goods they want.

The use of different visual mediums could help catch the eyes of consumers and drive them to the buying decision. Display creative products with beautiful images and impressive props to give buyers an interesting and impressive shopping experience.


Creative product display

Creative product display

3. Turn a Sales Place into an Art Gallery

In displaying creative products, it is necessary to pay attention to aesthetics and art. A beautiful, unique, and strange booth will create new experiences, make a deep impression, and help customers remember the brand for a long time.

Many businesses apply the art form of product display. For example, boutique hotels, homestays, retail stores, etc. Using paintings, photos, and unique works of art will bring a unique and distinct feeling to the space.

4. Sorting into Product Groups

One main art of product display is grouping goods with the same efficiency, features, materials, price levels, etc. Combined with complementary products on the side to cross-sell, helping to increase sales for the store.

For example, displaying bags that can be combined with riches, clothes, hats, accessories, etc. Arranging products next to each other helps consumers easily visualize what the perfect outfit will look like. Thereby stimulating the desire to own the entire product of customers.

In addition, the store can also group products based on pigment to create a more attractive, impressive, and eye-catching display space. On the contrary, if the shop displays common products, it is possible to combine more unique and strange models to attract customers' attention.


store display

Scientific product display helps customers find products easily

5. Using Flowers as Highlights

Flowers make the shop space more beautiful and brighter. Using flowers to fill the gaps when displaying products promotes relaxation, bringing a pleasant and comfortable feeling to customers.

The flower arrangement in the store enhances aesthetics and art while increasing attractive performance, creating a good impression on buyers. With customers, few people can refuse a beautiful store decorated with fresh flowers full of relaxation and entertainment.

It can be said that flowers are an effective tool for visual marketing in retail stores. In addition, it is also a solution to attract customers to save money. If you do not use fresh flowers, you can use artificial flowers or decorate the shop with pictures; photos of flowers and leaves also bring a certain effect.

6. Using Slogan Catch Trend

Viral sayings on social networks are often highly viral to help customers feel close and interesting. Using the right marketing and advertising language can bring amazing sales results.

Catching trends when displaying creative products is widely applied in stores with young customers. This is an effective marketing way to help businesses save advertising costs.

Using familiar slogans makes a good impression on customers, helping them remember the brand name more easily. This is especially effective if you have an online business, implementing marketing strategies on fanpages, websites, and online stores.

However, hot trends should be used appropriately to achieve the optimal effect and avoid counterproductive effects. Do not catch the offensive trend, causing ridiculous.

7. Creating Interactive Effects Between Products and Customers

In the digital age, retail visual marketing is enhanced by interactive features on computers, mobile phones, and digital screens.

With just a few simple steps, customers have an overview of the store's products. Consumers can easily choose the right product for their shopping needs. The high-definition touch screen display allows consumers to choose the product they like.

Many businesses use virtual reality methods in marketing. Customers are encouraged to use a featured device to experience the virtual product. For example, you need to see what the furniture you choose will look like in the actual space. You need to observe the simulation on the store display.

Despite the many potential benefits, this method is still a stub. In the future, the application's popularity can be increased to provide a richer shopping experience for consumers.


fruit juice store display

Consistency in product display

8. Using Mannequins More Effectively

The most important thing when displaying creative products is to display the most products in a small showroom space. Many retail stores have solved this problem by buying many mannequins to dress up with each appropriate theme and accessories. Besides, they take advantage of every moment to be creative and change the booth's presentation to become more impressive and attractive.

9. Seasonal Product Showcase

Showcase creative products by theme on special occasions. For example, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, International Women's Day, etc. Products need to be selected and displayed uniquely, evoking a holiday atmosphere.

Managers should update the product properly, stimulating the shopping needs of customers. Combine with separate marketing campaigns for special days to increase efficiency.

10. Leverage Point of Sale

It is advisable to take advantage of the direct selling point used by many businesses when showcasing their creative products. Visual merchandising at the cashier enhances enjoyment and revenue.

This display helps remind customers of the items they forgot. This helps increase last-minute sales. Creative display ideas for the retail industry are often diverse. You can choose the right display depending on the size of your business, industry, and budget.

How to Manage Store and Product Display with Technology

For displaying creative products on e-commerce platforms, online stores, Fanpage, and websites, enterprises cannot ignore the support of technology software in the management process.



FieldCheck supports product display management

One of the innovative product display management software that businesses appreciate for its efficiency is FieldCheck. The software application allows you to:

  • Store quality monitoring
  • Business performance report
  • Monitor employee performance
  • Research the market and track competitor activity
  • Collect information and manage customer lists
  • Manage online store display

All work is done and monitored in detail right on the mobile phone. The application allows employees to report online and offline, so there is no time and space limit.

If you need a smart, creative display management application, contact us to experience it firsthand.

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