Employee management is considered one of the most critical obstacles for administrators. It is typically challenging to manage using traditional methods, wasting time, money, and human resources.

Aiming to resolve this issue, SaaS providers develop software tools to support managers. But there is a saying, "less is more". Too many choices could make you confused when choosing. Which software is effective for your business?

Don't worry! We've got your back. We have compiled a list of the top employee management software for your consideration. Are you tempted to know? Let's get the ball rolling.

Why Should You Use Employee Management Software?

Employee management software boasts a range of benefits as follows:

  • Basic human resource supervision includes attendance, check-in/check-out, leave personnel procedures, etc.
  • The employee benefits regime includes automatic salary calculation, bonuses, and incentives. Set up a flexible salary scheme for each specific position.
  • Integrating automatic data administration features helps employees save time searching for necessary records, information, and documents.
  • Easily notify, assign jobs, and respond to managers on leave registration with a few taps on mobile phones.

2022's Best Employee Management Software

1. Fieldcheck Is Employee Management Software

FieldCheck is technology software that helps change how employees work in a more positive direction. The application is a top employee management software, highly appreciated for its smart and user-friendly features.

 phần mềm quản lý nhân viên FieldCheck

FieldCheck software supports staff tasks

Fieldcheck Increases Employee Productivity

FieldCheck helps increase employee productivity many times over by optimizing their work. The FieldCheck application in human resource administration makes the operation process of enterprises easier and more convenient.

Our solution boasts numerous intuitive and user-friendly features so that there is no difficulty for users using it, even when they are tech-savvy.

Unlike surveillance applications that will affect the operation of the existing software, FieldCheck is an independent support system that can work in tandem with other enterprise applications such as IAP, DMS, etc.

The software supports business operations without affecting the performance of the main system.

 Quản lý cửa hàng bằng FieldCheck

FieldCheck supports employee task deployment

Outstanding Features of FieldCheck Management Software

Besides providing support for employee task deployment, FieldCheck also fully meets the requirements of a professional employee management app.

Especially for businesses that do not have any supervisory system in place, FieldCheck supports the construction of the optimal staff management system on demand. Here are some notable features of FieldCheck.

  • Manage employee attendance such as check-in/check-out, and leave applications on a mobile application. Our solution comes with built-in GPS technology to prevent fraud.
  • Create a task checklist and support easy task assignments on the system. Employees receive notifications when a task is assigned. They only need to open the app to do their task easily.
  • Effortlessly monitor work progress anytime, anywhere, without restrictions.
  • Support complicated incentive calculations without inputting the figures and complicated formulas in Excel.
  • Enhance communication between the leadership and the employees about the work during operating activities.
  • User-friendly interface design, closely following the enterprise's employee management requirements.

 quản lý ngày phép của nhân viên bằng FieldCheck

Manage employee leave days directly on phone

2. BambooHR Software

Another notable name available on the market today is BambooHR. Users can install this software on any device, including tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and mobile phones.

 phần mềm BambooHR


The solution boasts various smart functions to easily support businesses in managing recruitment and human resources. BambooHR software provides many outstanding advantages, as follows:

  • Improve the efficiency of posting recruitment information.
  • Support the delivery of automated onboarding emails to employees.
  • Manage work productivity and evaluate and adjust benefits accordingly.
  • Equipped with reports in the software.

Currently, there is a trial version and a paid package.

3. HR Cloud App

The Cloud HR application supports effective employee monitoring and training. At the same time, keep track of day-off schedules, payroll, and bonuses. The software is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

 Ứng dụng CloudHR

Cloud HR

Some outstanding advantages of Cloud HR can be mentioned as follows:

  • Maintain employee records
  • Automatic payroll calculation
  • Optimized onboarding
  • Provide a system for reporting
  • Focus on potential employees to support training and development.

4. Misa Amis Human Resource Software

Misa is one of the top employee management software recommended by many businesses. The solution could optimize the company's resource efficiency thanks to the integration of numerous features. Besides, the software also offers solutions to help save time and money on HRM.

 Phần mềm Misa

HR software Misa

Misa has some notable advantages, such as:

  • Provide a complete candidate profile during the recruitment process.
  • Store full personnel information.
  • Evaluate and provide good benefits and remuneration.
  • Training and developing potential employees

5. iHCM Management Application

iHCM human resource management software helps businesses improve employee performance, thus saving time and money. iHCM closely follows MBO, KPI, OKR, and BSC for the most effective resource management.

phần mềm iHCM

App for iHCM management

Some advantages of the iHCM application:

  • Helping businesses achieve specific goals.
  • Monitor the frequency of work progress.
  • To complete the work, we create links through teamwork and cooperation.
  • Support to evaluate staff capacity through KPI.

6. MyxTeam Employee Administration Platform

MyxTeam helps to optimize the work and processes of enterprise resource management. The application helps managers easily track project information online. Some platforms that support software downloads include Web apps, Android and iOS phones, and desktop computers.

nền tảng quản trị MyxTeam

MyxTeam management platform

Some of the advantages of MyxTeam include:

  • Plan and to-do lists for easy handover.
  • Be flexible when discussing work.
  • Manage the workload and productivity of each resource. Therefore, accurately assessing and allocating specific potential customers.
  • Control information quickly.

Should You Use Employee Management Through Excel Or Software?

Managing employees with Excel software has never been easier for businesses, especially large-scale enterprises when calculating employees' salaries or commissions.

So, is Excel effective for managers, or should it be replaced with professional software? Here are the pros and cons of this management method.

The Advantages of Excel Spreadsheets

  • Numerous free and engaging features
  • Easy to use and familiar with office staff
  • Easy to add or subtract data, create unique management formulas following each organization's business properties
  • Suitable for simple business models

quản lý nhân viên bằng excel

Should you use employee management via excel or software?

The Disadvantages of Excel Spreadsheets

1. Difficult-to-Verify Data Browsing Procedure

The process of processing data on excel files is also very time-consuming. Managers must enter information in each row, column, and sheet. Then use the formula to calculate.

When processing data, you must move back and forth between many sheets, causing a loss of time, effort, and overview when reporting.

2. Low Data Input Security In Excel Applications

Excel files do not have a high-security mode like other applications. Not to mention, the human resource management process is not decentralized.

Therefore, information can easily leak or lose data when a virus attacks the computer. Data is easily lost when someone clicks the wrong action in some cases.

3 Difficult to Follow Through

The Excel management tool requires users to understand the calculation functions in the tool. Calculation functions such as IF, Count, Lookup, Pivot Table, and Data Analysis make it difficult for people who are not fluent in office information.

4. Poor Data Integration Process Using Excel Free HR Management Software

The offline Excel HR management file has many inconveniences when it cannot be integrated with other applications such as attendance management software, chat, and KPI management,... The management becomes cumbersome, time-consuming, costly, and inefficient.

5. It's Easy to Make Errors When Importing and Exporting Data

Human resource management using Excel requires manual manipulation. Mistakes can occur from entering, searching, editing, copying, etc., affecting the reporting process and work efficiency.

6. Unsuitable for Large-Scale Businesses

Employee management using Excel has been a useful tool for administrators. However, according to the growing development of businesses, Excel tools are no longer suitable.

Specifically, this tool causes many difficulties when managing, browsing, and checking overall. The increasing amount of data in a business makes it difficult for managers to create new sheets. Increase the number of work tables.

In particular, the difficulty in classifying records and data causes the file size to be overloaded, which hinders when making comprehensive reports.

The best employee performance management software listed above is highly regarded for its efficiency and shortcomings when managing human resources with Excel. If you need to experience the application, don't hesitate to contact us for advice and to schedule a free demo.

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