Creative product display will impress passer-bys at first sight, encourage them to visit the stores and buy stuff. It could be a helpful way for store managers to boost sales and enhance the brand image. So what is a product display? Why does it matter? Find out the answers below. 

What Is A Product Display?

Product display is a way to arrange and arrange goods on the shelves so that they are scientific, beautiful, and impressive, making it easy for customers to find the products they want to buy. At the same time, creative product display could impress customers so that they remember your brand and could make the ultimate buying decision. 

The art of eye-catching product displays helps businesses promote their brands better, directly impacting sales and consumers' ability to return to buy.

For retail distributors, beautifully displayed products will increase the aesthetics of the shopping area. Besides, it is also the golden criterion to help the store promote sales effectively.

product display

Product display at a supermarket

Why Need Eye-Catching Merchandise Display?

Some reports of customers' shopping behavior indicate that visual perception stimulates consumers' desire to own products. Specifically, the shopping behavior of customers is determined by:

  • Vision: 83%
  • Hearing: 11%
  • Touch: 3.5%
  • Smell: 1.5%
  • Product experience: 1%.

These figures mean that eye-catching and creative product displays determine consumers' purchasing behavior, thereby boosting sales for the business. The innovative product display (belonging to visual merchandising strategy) often stimulates customers' shopping behavior. For example, in supermarkets, clever arrangement of goods is a great way for customers to spend money buying targeted products and others more.

A beautiful display of products also makes it easy for customers to find the products they want to buy. This manner saves time for both consumers and salespeople.

In addition, displaying products in a logical and a  keeps customers in the store longer; thereby, stimulating them to discover more products, increasing their chances of boosting sales.


product display

Scientific and neat arrangement will appeal customers 

Which Product Display Shelves Should Choose?

On the market today, there are many product display stand ideas for businesses to choose from. Still, there are two most popular types of shelves, including wooden shelves and iron shelves.

1. Wooden Display Shelves

Some products displayed on wooden shelves include agricultural products such as green vegetables and tubers, fruits, and more. Wooden shelves often have the disadvantage of being moldy, taking a long time to dry, and being difficult to preserve. To keep the shelf always dry and clean, it is advisable to avoid damp places.


product display

Wooden display shelves

2. Iron Product Display Shelves

Iron product display shelves are widely used in supermarkets, grocery stores, bookstores, and stationery. Iron shelves have the advantages of being sturdy, diverse designs, and durable to withstand heavy loads.


product display

Diversified clothes display at a fashion store

3. Product Display Shelves By Purpose

Merchandise display shelves are designed to meet the needs of each store. For example, supermarkets often use small shelves with small iron mesh backs. It is used to display confectionery, canned food, and more.

Perforated shelves display is suitable for displaying cosmetics products and essential consumer goods such as washing powder, dishwashing oil, and lemongrass water.

Depending on the product type, display shelves are placed in different positions. Therefore, businesses can contact suppliers to design goods display shelves suitable for use.

Top Product Display Ideas to Drives Sales 

You can refer to a few ways to display creative, beautiful, and impressive products below.

1. Arrange Goods Scientifically

When displaying products at the store, it is necessary to ensure neat and scientific criteria. The brand name on the package must face outwards, in line with the customer's vision.

For bag products, stores can use hangers with multiple hooks. Fragile goods should be arranged on the lower shelf and protected by barriers to prevent falling or spilling.

2. Prioritize Hot-Selling Items In Nice Location

The art of effective product display is to arrange the best-seller products in a beautiful and easy-to-see position. 

It is advisable to display best-selling products in beautiful locations will stimulate the curiosity of customers while increasing the overall image of the stores. Many customers have the habit of looking before buying. Therefore, high-end products displayed in an eye-catching position will easily attract consumers' attention.

product display

Eye-catching display of luxury products

3. Display Related Products Side by Side

For stores with a wide variety of products, you should arrange related goods next to each other. This way will stimulate the double purchase of consumers.

For example, arrange brushes next to toothpaste, fabric softener next to washing powder, and spices in the same group. Shampoo, shower gel, and face wash are placed next.

In addition, the store should also arrange products by brand and use. This pattern helps customers easily compare the advantages of products and brands and make the most suitable choice.

4. The Principle of Last In First Out is Always Right

When arranging and displaying products, paying attention to the principle of last in first out is necessary. Store managers also should enter new products when the goods are low in quantity and avoid the case of selling out to add more.

This principle helps the store meet the shopping needs of customers. When there is a new product, it is necessary to display the old product outside. After that, new products are placed inside to ensure the uninterrupted circulation of goods.

5. The More Variety of Goods, The Better

A store with a wide variety of products will stimulate customers to shop more than a store with poor goods. Goods are diverse in designs, colors, materials, uses, and types to help customers freely choose.

Therefore, you should display as wide a variety of products as possible so that the consumers could seek the products they need and make the purchase decision. 

6. Set Right Price Tag for Products

Besides displaying beautiful and creative products, setting up the right price tags for products is also a factor that makes a good impression on customers, especially first-time buyers.

Displaying the right price and product helps the brand build credibility and trustworthiness. A product with a reasonable price is a factor that helps customers come back the next time they need to shop. Additionally, transparent pricing makes customers feel more comfortable when spending money.

Displaying the right price and product helps the brand build credibility and trustworthiness. A product with a reasonable price is a factor that helps customers come back the next time they need to shop.

product display

Goods are properly labeled with their price

7. Small Items Should Be Presented At The Cashier

Most retail stores and supermarkets display small products such as gum, drinking water, masks, condoms, etc., near the cashier counter, which will remind customers of the product they want to buy more during checkout. Besides, in the meantime, they may buy more of those products.

8. Displaying Products According to Customer's Interests

Customers are the ones who determine the store's revenue. Therefore, displaying products according to consumers' preferences is very important. Store managers could conduct some survey to know the interests of customers to take proper action in product display in stores.

Displaying products that meet their needs and preferences will keep customers with your brand. Therefore, you need to arrange products for the right Insight of consumers. The more eye-catching and interesting the stall, the easier it is to impress.

How to Conduct Product Display Management with Technology

Though product display standards are set by the managment and informed to store staff to conduct, the adherence of employees to these merchandising items is not high. This manner results in display errors at stores, affecting the consistency in the chain store, businesses often use a tech-backed solution to manage.

FieldCheck product display management software is an application with many advanced features to help you monitor the status of your booth remotely. Monitoring and checking the number of goods and inventory. Observe market needs and analyze competitors. Effective marketing staff management.

The application allows employees to enter data and report directly on the system with just a few simple steps. Managers also easily capture information and adjust the plan when there is a problem or make a quick business strategy.

FieldCheck is also the perfect solution when displaying products at stores. The application integrates all data from employees, machines, finance, sales, and commissions in the most detailed and accurate way.

product display

Checking display easily with FieldCheck

Currently, FieldCheck is the most modern business management software. Software features can work in tandem with existing enterprise applications. All operations are easily done on mobile phones. Data is updated in real-time and applied online and offline, so there is no interruption.

If your business is looking for quality management software, please get in touch with us immediately for the earliest advice and experience.