The ultimate target of business ventures is the generation of profits, mainly due to effective promotional marketing campaigns and successful sales numbers.

Organizations and companies utilize the promoter force to represent their brands and products, making them necessary for development, financial portions, and sales production.

The question is, what is the role of promoters exactly? And how to conduct better PG management? Find out your answers in the following sections.

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What Is The Role Of Promoters?

#1. Generating Sales

A promoter refers to the personnel or a group of staff that is directly involved in the business venture's promotional campaigns. The final goal is to augment profits via sales increase.

Promoters can be considered promotional models who are the brand ambassadors for the products or services of companies. 

This job's responsibilities include leaving customers with a great impression of the product/service by providing samples and swag or making persuasive pitches that can drive sales at trade shows, stores, special events, and conventions.

#2. Raising Brand Awareness

When running a business, you perhaps know the role of marketing. Irrespective of how great your product/service is, you may not be generating sales if you do not get the brand out there. Many types of organizations function in highly competitive industries. 

This means their target customers will have a range of brand options to choose from. Therefore, getting potential consumers to see your product/service is like half the battle. For startups, it is true. From scratches, the brand can be unknown and existing clients will become minimal.

Commonly, there are many ways that companies can promote their business and brand their brand awareness, including the use of promotional girls (PGs). This way can help gain attention with a nice appearance and bubbly personality. 

Also, PGs can collect consumer feedback so businesses can know what customers think and feel about their products/services, facilitating the improvement of their product placement and strategic decisions. 

By choosing the right promoters, you can target the ideal demographic and ensure the promotion can succeed.

pg management

#3. Promoters Know The Local Market Well

Local promoters regularly better know about the local markets where you run your business. On the other hand, local promotional talents can provide a better grasp of essential values within active regions.

#4. Provide Better Consumer Responses

You might not know this, but live events are best to boost your brand awareness positively and generate greater customer response. Incorporating models dressed in your company's branded merchandise helps add several personalities to the events.

#5. Event Attendance

It is effective to use PGs to provide needed one-on-one experience and a vibrant atmosphere with the clients, supporters, and fans. For example, if you want to gain potential customers into your booths at live events, it is ideal to have promotional girls who can don your business merchandise.

The idea applies to those seeking to deliver customers exceptional experiences. Enticing customers' attention is paramount. Also, you can rest assured that PGs can achieve that by providing promotional materials, flyers, and leaflets to show how your product/service works while creating more excitement.

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Accordingly, you can leave an exceptional customer experience by boosting your brand like this. Not only will it help you attract new potential consumers, but it also ensures they will leave live events with the right name of your brand etched deep in their minds. 

Also, it is good for improving consumer loyalty and ensuring they will keep talking about your brand later and later.

#6. Having Spokespeople

When keeping an eye on marketing your business at live events or shows or planning to organize events during busy seasons like Christmas, it is best to seek professionals who both represent and act as your brand's face.

How to Have Good PG Management

There are three types of promoter management: internal teams or agencies, or both sources. Let's look at the following comparison to understand better how each management method works.

#1. Agency Management And Full Outsource

  • PG hired by agencies (could be multiple agencies). Some direct mix hiring
  • Agency manages all the PG management, including store assignment, work management, and data collections
  • Brand receives reporting through agencies (thus, black box)
  • Ineffective even when approaching the brand
  • Agency has a poor basic reporting system, but the report is excel/ppt
  • Common in FMCG / Food

promoter management

#2. Agency Management And Direct Involvement

  • PG hired by agencies (could be multiple agencies). Some direct mix hiring
  • Agency takes care of work management. Brands take care of data collection or information sharing (Doubt for agency works)
  • The brand has the power to influence the reporting format or tools in use.
  • Most common case in IT / Electronics - Sony, Electrolux

#3. Direct Management

  • PG hired by the brand
  • Case seen for small or new enterprises
  • Need for the reporting tool

PGs work remotely in different locations, making it challenging for the management to track and monitor their performance closely. Thus, promoters have several tasks to complete the missions to maximize sales at the designated stores.

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How FieldCheck Works For PG Management

FieldCheck helps maximize field forces' performance by giving them clear tasks with high visibility for better PG management.

#1. Better Task Assignment

By setting up the questionnaire for the task on the web-based Admin tool, you can detail what your promoters need to do clearly and easily.

Tasks will be delivered to the PG's devices instantly so that the PGs can complete them on the app and submit them in real-time.

Digital checklists are an ideal tool for field forces to check the compliance of the points of sales or for the promoters to report their job.

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#2. Support Employees' Task Deployment Monitoring

FieldCheck is equipped with a range of functions that can easily support the supervisors or auditors to monitor PGs' work. For example, you can utilize location management feature to monitor the locations of PGs or check if they work in the assigned areas. There is also the feature of anti-fake GPS so that you can minimize the risks of dishonest behavior of PGs to the minimum level.

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#3. Provide Better Information Among Stakeholders

Thanks to the Push Notification merchanism, FieldCheck helps to provide effective information sharing among the stakeholders and PGs. You can set up the news or any information like promotional news, information about the products, etc., to different PGs working in a host of stores or points of sales.

There is also an analyst for the Admin to know the proportion of mobile users already reading the news.

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#4. Deliver Better Performance Management

The mobile app comes with built-in performance reviews that are automatically calculated based on how the users complete their tasks. Accordingly, users or team members can know their productivity with several clicks on the app.

The supervisors also comprehensively grasp their PGs' performance remotely by using the FieldCheck system. There is also a Ranking function so that they can know who is working best for rewards or incentive schemes.

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#5. Better Incentive Management

We automate the complicated incentive calculation for your promoters to reduce your workload and communication hassles.

In detail, you can enhance your PGs' incentive management by following the below flow.

1. Set Up Base Salary

You can use the feature of User Management to set up base salaries for your promoters.

2. Establish The Incentive Scheme

There are two criteria for setting up the incentive scheme for your PGs – model-wise incentive and target incentive.

  • Model-wise incentive: This type of incentive is accumulated based on the model sales of PGs.
  • Target incentive:  You can set up this type of incentive based on the achievement of the promoter monthly.

3. Execution

PGs will do the tasks or promote your products/services to generate sales and profits while reaching the KPI goals for incentive.

4. Check & Analyze

PG managers can use FieldCheck to check the performance of their promoters. All the data are recorded in real-time and analyzed for them to check and compare.

5. Action

The stakeholders pay the incentive for the PGs based on the results of checking and analysis of PGs supervisors.

As you can see, instead of using spreadsheets or papers to complete tasks and manage PGs, FieldCheck helps digitize most activities when managing field force, from check-in/out, location management, and task management to performance and incentive management.

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According to KAO's representative, FieldCheck helps to cut 70% of the time for their data collection.

Before You Leave

So you know the role of promoters or PGs and how to conduct effective PG management. Thanks to the advancement of technology, businesses can digitize all processes based on paper or spreadsheets by using SaaS products like the FieldCheck app.


Should you be interested in the FieldCheck solution, please do not hesitate to contact us:


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