Opening a coffee shop is already arduous; managing a chain of cafes is even more difficult when it comes into operation. When running this kind of business, you will have to manage a range of matters from the control of materials, revenue, and costs to the management of personnel, to name a few.

It is advisable to get a coffee shop management software to assist shop owners in their business. Thanks to the software application, you could still ensure smooth operation throughout your coffee shop system.

As a mobile chain store management software, FieldCheck eases the burden of managing store staff, conducting store audits more easily, and tightly tracking the shops' income. Accordingly, you could augment the sales and increasingly boost the brand identity.

Tips For Optimal Chain Coffee Shop Management

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Are you tempted to know how to enhance chain coffee shop management? Let's get the ball rolling!

How to Enhance Chain Coffee Shop Management

#1. Conduct Tight Store Audit 

To develop a large chain coffee shop, the initial priority you need to know is how to operate and manage each branch in the best way. It is best to ensure everything is consistent, from the quality of the preparation, the menu of the dishes, to the style of service.
You could repeatedly ask yourself how to make customers coming to your chain coffee shop always have the best experience? To achieve this, it is necessary to maintain your business's core values and have a smooth management process in every single shop of your system.

Tips For Optimal Chain Coffee Shop Management

Check the quality of the store regularly

#2. Product Quality Assurance

To ensure the best quality of ingredients, all branches must import raw materials from the major warehouse so that the drinks' quality is uniform and meets the standards at all stores in the chain. The source of raw materials is always strictly monitored to guarantee the best quality. Depending on each store, there should be different storage conditions and product quality control principles.

Tips For Optimal Chain Coffee Shop Management

Ensure product quality at the store

However, it is advisable to conduct regular inspection and monitoring sessions to check materials' quality and food safety before supplying to the whole chain.

On top of that, you could have a team of secret supervisors coming to the store to evaluate the quality of products in reality with a checklist as follows:

  • The freshness of materials
  • The satisfaction of customers with the drinks
  • The drink taste

#3. Professionaly Manage Staff in Coffee Shop

The employee turnover at a chain coffee shop is rather high as they consider the job as temporary work, and partly they find no opportunity to leap in their career. That's why some do not do their best in the task deployment.

In response to this situation, it is essential to set a strict set of rules and standards and empower the staff in every single activity in the stores. This will make it easier to manage the staff, ensuring the best customer service.

All staff in the chain have to be aware of all product information and promotions to provide customers with the fastest. You might not know this, but this small action could win the customers. The better you take care of them, the more loyal they are.

On top of that, they could introduce your shop to their family, friends, colleagues, or any acquaintances, leading to an increase in sales for your business.

#4. High Accuracy Revenue Management

A fixed amount of capital could help you open a shop at the first stage. Still, maintaining and developing a whole chain, in the long run, is another kind of matter.

The key to financial management in a coffee shop is to balance the income and the expense. One of the factors you should pay attention to is auditing if the employees report the accurate figures of sales day in, day out.

There are some problems related to the shop revenue management: (1) The staff is not honest in reporting the sell-out (2) They carelessly input the sales figures, etc.

For the most effective revenue management, you could assign some specific employees to track the shop's daily income fully. Simultaneously, it is best not to forget to install a camera at the cashier's desk to monitor the activities of employees, avoiding unnecessary risks.

#5. Materials Management

When running a chain coffee shop, the two main expenses include the cost of premises and raw materials.

The inadequate supply of materials will affect the capacity to serve customers. In contrast, if you order too many ingredients, it will pressure storage management.

Additionally, you also have to monitor if the volume of materials that the staff use to make drinks is compliant with your plan or not. This action could contribute to the good material management in your chain coffee shop.

Today, many coffee shops face difficulties in the management of employees and the use of materials, leading to the loss of the shop's income.

#6. Build Trust With Brand Consistency

What happens when the drinking water of each branch in the chain tastes different, or the staff clothes or the service quality is different from one place to another. Customers will have a low positive brand perception of your shops.

That's why ensuring consistency in your system plays a critical role in building trust in your customers and bringing more loyal names to you. The staff uniform, service, drinks, and the ordering & billing process all need to be the same throughout your chain coffee shop.

#7. Customer Data Synchronization

Most coffee brands will now create a Membership Card program to retain customers. Customers will earn points after each payment bill and enjoy incentives from the store.

Therefore, collecting information and synchronizing customer data will also help you care for loyal customers who frequent the store/shop. From there, they will come up with promotions that are suitable for them.

#8. Manage Promotion Effectively

Coffee shops often conduct attractive promotion programs in a year to attract as many customers as possible.

Still, in the management of these programs, it is likely to have some mistakes like the lateness in informing promotion information to the employees. Without a suitable solution to handle this issue, it could be an obstacle for you to reach the success of the promotion program.


Based on the current issues in the chain coffee shop, many SaaS providers have come up with management software to assist the entrepreneurs in providing smooth operating activities, from the materials and revenue to the employees.

How to Manage Chain Coffee Shop with Technology

That you introduce software in the chain coffee shop management might be a game-changer. FieldCheck is proud to be an all-in-one mobile management application for sales staff, promoters, and retailers.

The application as a solution helps you to digitize your work, with many key features to help support the coffee shop chain. So how does FieldCheck work for your business? Check out the following sections.

User-Friendly Interface

Our tool is developed to optimize communication between management and marketing staff in developing countries.

  • Offline working mode​: Allows data collection even when offline. Data collected could be uploaded later when the Internet is available.
  • Multilingual: The application supports many different languages. You could switch to the language you are familiar with to have the best user experience.
  • Team view: Managers can track the business status and work progress on the mobile app.​

Tips For Optimal Chain Coffee Shop Management

Task management software FieldCheck

Store Locator

Many customers could find it a bit annoying when they have to search and visit the brand's official Fanpage on Facebook to find the store location.
FieldCheck eases this drawback by providing the ability to pinpoint your store locations dynamically via Chatbot. As soon as customers send their current location or enter a keyword, the bot will suggest a list of the nearest shops for them to choose from.

Lead Generation

Your customers could face difficulties finding the proper products, especially when shopping online. FieldCheck's Chatbot helps with the ability to relevantly display products and direct potential customers to the website in the most effective way, increasing conversion rates.

Optimal Data Collection

FieldCheck takes advantage of mobile technology and big data to collect data instead of the traditional pen-and-paper method.
Your staff needs to input the information of customers or products right on their phones. Then the Admin system would fraud check and provide the superior data analysis for you.

Visual Merchandising

The merchandising staff could inspect the stores to see if the rollout is going according to plan and check the status of the displays in the store. This feature is intended to assist with commodity database management, real-time-based analytics, display management, display rollout tracking, and history review.

Tips For Optimal Chain Coffee Shop Management

Consistent merchandising throughout the coffee shop system

Promoter Management

FieldCheck helps boost the productivity of promoters in the stores by digitizing their tasks. Your promoters could utilize our application to do most assigned tasks, including communication, attendance, and sales reports.

Notably, it is available for them to report any incidents in operations in real-time. The stakeholders could be informed and provide time actions to handle incidents.

Tips For Optimal Chain Coffee Shop Management

Closely track employee productivity with the app

Supervisor Support

Our solution makes it easy for supervisors to generate a digital checklist and send it to their employees, helping them know what they need to do more accurately and clearly.

They could also utilize these checklists to follow up on the operating activities in the chain coffee shop.

Wrapping Up

We have gone through some tips for optimal chain coffee shop management. In a nutshell, taking advantage of technology software like FieldCheck to support coffee shop activities might be a great way to ensure smooth operation throughout the system. We hope you could find all you need via this article.

Should you be interested in our solution, schedule a free demo here to learn more about how our solution works.