Field staff plays a core and important role in promoting sales for every business, especially retailers. Businesses are constantly seeking an alternative solution for paper-based management to help them manage the fieldworkers without spending much time or directly coming to each site.

Understanding this desire, many SaaS providers have introduced their solutions to assist managers and supervisors in monitoring field staff. But you know, a bunch of choices might be confusing as you do not know how to choose the most suitable option for your business.

Don't worry! We are here to help you out. Let's scroll down to seek the answer to the question, why should you use field staff management software?

Why Should You Use Field Staff Management Software?

Field workers, including promoters are those who regularly contact, meet, and grasp most of the needs and desires of customers.
They act as a bridge between businesses and customers. Not only do they help the companies introduce the products and services to more people, but they also help customers find the solution that works for their issues.

Field Staff Management Software

Field workers are important for businesses, especially retailers

Having a large number of field employees could help you to have more and more potential customers. That said, this strategy also causes a management burden. There is a saying, "more people, more problems".

Using field staff management app is one of the most optimal measures for businesses to get out of the potential problems. It could allow you to understand consumer tastes, closely manage your employees, and maximize time and cost savings.

Dive into the following parts to know what it could actually do.

1. Optimize Field Worker Performance

Due to the nature of the job, the field staff often have to survey and capture the needs of customers. Therefore, using the management software allows supervisors and field workers to communicate and interact easily.

Managers can grasp employee productivity as well as their working time and attendance with the software. You could also assign the task directly on the tool, which is much more convenient and saves time than writing emails to inform about the tasks.

This technology-backed solution also helps you easily manage and promote sales for field staff, bringing maximum efficiency to your business.
Field staff could also take advantage of the app to report incidents or any important news to management-level personnel with ease. The report could be sent to the stakeholder's device instantly.

It can be said that the introduction of the software improves the communication between the staff and the supervisors, bringing better work results.

2. Monitor Performance with Ease

Traditionally, field employees have to inform their attendance and working time by paper or through chat apps like Messenger, leading to difficulty in managing.
Now they could easily check in / check out on their phone. By introducing GPS, the software will record their activities in real-time, assisting in managing field staff much easier.

As a result, managers no longer need to directly come to the stores to monitor field staff or check each chat message to make a field staff attendance report.
They could use the software to manage employee activities quickly and conveniently. All the figures will be analyzed automatically with the software without entering any codes.

3. Provide Essential Data for Field Staff

Another notable benefit of the field staff management software is that it promptly provides employees with necessary information about the products and promotional programs.
Accordingly, they could get clear information on any plan to improve performance while improving the initiative in working.
Additionally, the software also helps you to check if the staff read the notification or not so that you could send a notification to remind the employees to check the news.

4. Manage Employee Time and Attendance

You could now easily get the employee attendance analysis thanks to the field staff management software. There is no need to check the chat message to see the working time and attendance of the field staff.

On top of that, as the software allows the employees to send any report (e.g., sales report) on their device and record them accordingly on the platform, you now could check the reports any time, anywhere, and get the performance of each employee without any hassle.
The management of employee productivity becomes easier thanks to the application of the software.

Field Staff Management Software

Closely track employee productivity with the app

Below is the summary of the software's benefits for the field staff's attendance management.

  • For management level: The software assists in tracking and managing remote staff working time and their time-off requests. It allows you to manage and approve any time-off request online.
  • For employees: They now could check in / check out easily with their phones. Whenever they want to take a leave, all they need to do is to open the app, input the time-off request and then submit, saying goodbye to messy paper-based applications.

How FieldCheck Works For Field Staff Management

FieldCheck is an all-in-one application that helps to digitize the entire manual work of field staff by improving the management process and the method of communication and sales. The tech-backed solution integrates various features to provide the following benefits.

1. Sales Management

FieldCheck helps businesses simplify the daily work of field staff with mobile technology. The software allows the employees to input the sales report in real-time. The data will then be analyzed both online and offline.

This report is backed with product database management. Additionally, you could use the sales of products to set the incentive scheme for your field staff.
Our solution allows you to integrate with your own business BI tool or ERP, bringing smooth operation throughout different activities.

Field Staff Management Software

Report sales right on the phone

2. Promoter Management

FieldCheck digitalizes the process of managing your field staff. You could utilize our tool to create a list of field workers and manage them right on the platform. On top of that, our solution boosts the promoters' productivity by empowering them in their work by introducing mobile technology.
You could now send essential news about products and promotional programs timely and quickly so that your promoters could get all the information they need on the fly.
Here are some benefits of FieldCheck could bring to your business:

  • Enhance work productivity: FieldCheck improves the communication between the managers and the field workers, ensuring better task deployment.
    And as the employees could catch up with the latest news on products and promotion programs, they could perform better, enhancing overall work productivity.
  • Digitalization: Instead of taking notes on white paper with black ink, field staff could now flexibly and easily do tasks on the mobile management application. Accordingly, they could get an understanding of the market more speedily.
  • Real-time response: Using the digital checklist on FieldCheck, you could collect consumer opinions through field staff to see how effective your campaign is in real-time.
  • Time and attendance management: Track and control your employees' working days and leave requests right on our online management software.

Field Staff Management Software

Send notifications quickly using mobile devices

3. Streamline Field Staff Management Operations

As mentioned above, our technology-backed solution also allows supervisors to quickly access data and view it online on mobile devices, simplifying the work of monitoring each store's operation and business performance.
You could also get multi-layered analytical reports with the collected data. FieldCheck eases the burdens on the shoulders of the supervisor's thanks to the following features:

  • Digital checklists: Supervisors could effortlessly access mobile checklists for quick deployment of audits or assessment of field employee performance.
  • Monitor work performance: Data collected by supervisors is tracked and analyzed by region, store, and filters, making it easier for managers to understand the store's business results more efficiently.
  • Multi-layered analysis: Collected data can be analyzed graphically with FieldCheck, to quickly provide the necessary recommendations for businesses and help them catch up with the on-going trends.

4. Assist Effective Merchandising Task Deployment

The integration of photo collection on FieldCheck could let you speedily track the deployment of visual merchandising plans. As a supervisor, you could have a transparent and in-depth analysis of your merchandising-related tasks.

  • Photo collection: Easily manage images with detailed location information on the software, helping you easily grasp the merchandising plan process.
  • Checklist: Merchandisers could use digital checklists created before to input evaluations when auditing more quickly.
  • Follow-up: You could get a better understanding of each store condition when closely managing photos with corresponding store information, as well as easily evaluate the results after taking action.

5. Support Field Staff In Data Collection

All traditional pen-and-paper data collection jobs will be eased and replaced by the mobile application with FieldCheck. Your field staff could collect the data easily with their phone and then submit it to the system in real-time for in-depth analysis.
Additionally, you could rest assured about the multi-layer accuracy of our analyses thanks to features such as data duplication and data collection locations.

Field Staff Management Software

Collect customer data

Wrapping Up

That's all about field staff management software and its benefits in helping businesses manage their field workers more effectively. Particularly, by integrating the essential features for managing field activities, FieldCheck is committed to bringing an application with optimal benefits. Accordingly, all stakeholders like supervisors and field staff could all do well in their tasks, ensuring the best business results.

When introducing FieldCheck in the business operating activities, you will be clearly advised on business-specific solutions such as sales management, employee management, chain store management, etc. If you need more information about FieldCheck software, please get in touch with us here.