Maybe you have come across images of PGs and PBs somewhere on the street, at a newly opened store/having a big promotion, or at a shopping mall, restaurant, supermarket, etc.

They often act as cheerleaders, introduce and invite people to participate, and experience the activities of a certain brand to exploit customer information or try their products.

So exactly, what is PB? What is a PB profession, and how can one become a PB? The following article will answer your questions above.

what is pb

What is PG and PB?

What Is PB?

We often hear about PGs (Promotion Girls), who are girls who specialize in work related to product marketing and product advertising for a company. Similarly, we also have the concept of PB, which stands for promotion boys or promo boys, and is used to refer to male models representing the business's image to promote products.

Promoters represent the company at one location, probably a store or a mall, to run programs or events for marketing campaigns about products the company is planning to launch.

Promotional modeling is one of the most popular jobs in big cities. This job is considered a "high-paying and easy job" that young people, especially active students, choose because it brings a high income and being a promoter means being well-dressed.

In the next section, we will learn in detail about the job of a PB and the requirements that a PB worker must have.

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What Is PB's Main Job?

Promotional models now operate not only in certain areas such as soft drinks, coffee, and tobacco but also expand to roadshows, product trials, and other fields, including fashion, cars, phones, consumer goods, and others. 

promotion boys

PBs are often the ones who give samples

Even today's PB profession has to "play" customers at bars and restaurants to promote the business's image and increase attention to potential customers.

Depending on the field in which the company is doing business and the environment in which it operates, the PB profession can include many different job characteristics and tasks. In general, a PB will have the following key responsibilities:

  • Consult, introduce the company's products to customers
  • Organize activities to stir and attract shoppers
  • Perform product promotional activities, including handing out samples, taking photos, giving gifts to customers, etc.
  • Record customer information
  • Perform work according to the coordination and arrangement of management
  • Complete the assigned tasks on time and according to regulations
  • Comply with the rules and strictly adhere to the standards of uniforms (clothes, accessories, shoes) to ensure the image of the company
  • Coordinate with other PGs and PBs during the event run
  • Report work results to superiors

promotion girls collecting customers info

Collecting customer info is one of the promoters' tasks

Skills And Qualities Required For A PB

With the nature of the job as promoting products, the selection of personnel for the PG, PB profession is meticulous. Employers today tend to hire young people who are passionate about working to earn extra income but still have to make sure they meet the attitude and skill criteria listed below:


Appearance requirements are one of the most important factors and a prerequisite when recruiting PB PGs. Especially in industries such as cosmetics, the appearance factor is even more stringent.

Since the PGs and PBs will be the boys and girls representing the company's product line or brand, at least these "golden faces" must have an easy-to-see appearance and create sympathy for the opposite person. . For PBs, it is necessary to have a height of 1m7 or more, a bright face, and a well-proportioned body.

promotion boys

PB's appearance requirements are quite strict.

High Sense Of Responsibility

Any job requires employees to have a sense of responsibility for all assigned tasks. In addition to being active and proactive at work, employers often require PG PBs to have a high sense of self-discipline and flexibility in all situations.

Good Communication Skills

As a job that directly interacts with customers and establishes public relations, the PG PB profession requires candidates to have good communication skills to create relationships and impress the public. Possessing a voice that is easy to hear, inspires, and attracts listeners is also a plus point for the job of product advertising staff.

With good communication ability, promoters, including PGs, PBs have partly succeeded in enticing listeners and thereby easily exploiting customer information or convincing them to buy products.

In addition, if you have more foreign language skills, you will be a PB that is sought after by employers! At international events with the participation of foreigners, the ability to communicate in English will help a lot in this job.

Typically, introducing products to foreigners, guiding them in promotional activities, or at an opening ceremony in an area where many foreigners live.

And, of course, being able to use foreign languages fluently will be an advantage to help promo boys achieve higher salaries than their colleagues.

Friendly Attitude, Respect Customers

PB is a job that requires contact with many different types of customers. Therefore, when working, PBs must always have a friendly, welcoming attitude and be ready to support anyone they meet. Moreover, having the right attitude at work and respecting colleagues, managers, and people is necessary.


PB with a friendly attitude


While organizing activities to promote the product, the promoters must work in teams or groups regularly. Therefore, communication and coordination between colleagues are also very important, contributing to the completion of work and achievement of targets smoothly.

Time Management 

It is a necessary skill for PBs with a lot of experience working in this industry because a long-term employee's working day will often be very dense due to receiving many invitations to run programs and events from one or many different companies.

For the work to not be affected, the PB must know how to arrange time reasonably and effectively. In addition, with flexible work attributes, not in a certain time frame, PB must ensure the punctuality factor so as not to affect the face and reputation of a business.

If they know how to arrange the work, the promoters ensure operational performance, leave a good impression on managers, and bring a lot of income for themselves.

Have Professional Ethics

Most people tend to like and respect people who are always interested in their work. Being ethical in the profession also means working for the collective purpose, not personal benefits. Working ability and moral qualities measure a person's success in any job, not just PB.

Good Manners

Regular PBs will be required to dress well to promote products in the company's events programs they represent. That said, dressing well does not mean wearing outstandingly flashy clothes, but just making sure the clothes are clean and neat, and the hair and shoes are neat.


Neat and clean dressing requirements

Dress style plays an important role in leaving the first impression on the viewer, and customers will also have a more sympathetic and open look.

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Job Opportunities For Promoters

With the appearance of more and more companies and brands on the market today, promo boys will also have countless job opportunities. Businesses in many different fields often tend to take advantage of the media's strong influence to impress the public and spread the image of their products and services to the public in a more positive way.

Since then, the career development path for the PB PG industry has also become more and more open and developed. This position can be seen as a hot job with attractive salaries and great career opportunities in Vietnam and worldwide.

Similarly, PB's job demand is also very high, not only because it can bring high income, but this job also helps students experience, improve communication skills and develop useful relationships later. The income rate of promoters can also increase if that employee does a good job.

In addition to the extra commissions and bonuses, the benefits that come with doing this job include the opportunity to experience the services and products they promote; enjoy special shopping incentives from the business's event program; work in a young and dynamic environment, and increased understanding across many different areas of self-employment.

Difficulties That PBs Encounters

Besides attractive job opportunities, promoters have many limitations and difficulties when doing service-related jobs like the PB PG industry. The selection of personnel for PB is also increasingly difficult because of the following disadvantages that this job brings:


Whether large enterprises with their PB team or promotional modeling agencies, the PB industry is not currently a major and full-time occupation, which can only be a part-time or seasonal job.


PB job is often quite unstable

Therefore, although the job has a relatively stable salary, temporary jobs are often unstable and cannot be attached for a long time.

Employees pursuing a career in PB also often lead a precarious life. Because there are periods when there are many events, PBs will have to run shows continuously and have no time to rest, but there will also be periods of show failure and unemployment.

Not only that, but PBs also have to stay up late and get up early, moving between different workplaces to meet the needs of employers. They are the people who stand next to the products on display for many hours.

Not to mention, because they carry the face of the brand, they always have to smile happily in all circumstances. With such work, employees' health is always in a state of alertness and health to ensure work productivity.

Social Prejudice

PB jobs often do not receive many sympathetic glances from others because their work forces them to work in "playful" environments such as bars and pubs.

In terms of dress, male PB staff will be less judged on the dress issue than PG staff. But in general, social prejudices and lack of respect for this profession in Vietnam still exist and put great pressure on those doing PB.

pb job

There are still some stereotypes about PB job in society

Unclear Salary Mode

Promoters often encounter cases where the host company miscalculates commissions, delays in paying wages, or even deducts wages, not paying wages even though they have completed their work. If there is no labor contract or clear written commitment, it won't be easy to negotiate and claim benefits for them at that time.

Some small companies also have an oral salary agreement situation, or via text messages, background phones, and salary cuts are also very common.

Therefore, to ensure their labor rights and avoid conflict, PB employees should ask the manager to have a formal and clear written agreement before accepting the job.

Promoters' Prospects In Different Sectors

Most young people, typically students, come to the PG PB job because they have a lot of free time and a desire to earn more income and gain experience.

what is pb

The future of PB employees is very bright.

From these part-time jobs, PG, PBs will practice their speaking ability and confidence in front of a crowd. It is a pretty important skill, which helps them a lot in future jobs.

In addition, having a lot of working experience and experience in many different fields is a great advantage that helps PG PBs have an overview of the industry and the working style of a team or organization.

As a result, this knowledge and experience is also a tool to help them find a passion for a certain field and confidently apply it to businesses.