In the current technology era, it is very common for companies, organizations, and individuals to have the habit of using software to manage work instead of traditional management methods.

Therefore, there are more and more diverse work management tools and applications on the market. In particular, the job assignment software, with its advantages and outstanding features, is an effective assistant for today's managers.

So how can a work management software help you? Let's find out the following matter in today's article.

  • Typical features of the software
  • Benefits of the job management software
  • Criteria for choosing the right software
  • Top names for consideration

tasks software

Software is a useful tool for task management

What Is Work Management Software?

One of the headaches of business leaders, especially retail chain managers, is how to control all projects and promptly understand employees' work progress.

The work management system was therefore born to solve this problem, helping managers to shorten the time to improve work efficiency.

work management software

How to memorize all your workload?

In general, job assignment software can meet the needs of an enterprise's resource optimization and is an inevitable trend in the digital transformation process in the current 4.0 era. Some of the benefits of using this type of management software can include:

  • A tool to help managers plan and evaluate employee performance through tasks created on a common platform. At the same time, employees also easily receive tasks and arrange work more reasonably.
  • Make the process of assigning and receiving jobs between management levels and employees clear and public. Therefore, the way work is exchanged is also more favorable with the ability to share and access information easily.
  • Supporting the digital transformation process of businesses by systematizing work processes onto the software.
  • Improve the working efficiency of all human resources in the enterprise.
  • Shorten information processing time and work exchange between different teams and departments.
  • The software helps businesses work more professionally and efficiently while providing effective planning and time management for them.

work management software

A good task management software can solve many problems

Why Is Delegation Software So Essential?

To better understand the necessity of using management software for individuals and businesses, you need to know the specific features of this software as well as other important benefits.

And compared to the traditional way of working and managing, what are the advantages of using software in daily work?

1. Support Work Planning & Organization 

Users can capture important tasks without fear of missing work or forgetting deadlines when using the software because today's task management applications all have the function of creating tasks (tasks) to notify the tasks that need to be done for employees.

Managers can also use tags (create labels) to organize and categorize work by appropriate project or topic. Important tasks that must be done first will be prioritized to bring them to the top of the list. When that work is not completed within the set time limit, the application will also send a reminder notification to the user and relevant people.

tasks management software

Use software that can help you remember deadlines

In addition, for some management software, you can also label the name of one or more people in the same agency or organization to remind them of a certain task and to assign more specific responsibilities.

2. Provide General View of How the Organization Works

The application of software to manage work helps employees understand their responsibilities and arrange tasks effectively and provides administrators with an overview of the progress process. Performance and work progress of departments and individuals.

With real-time updated data, administrators can monitor work progress closely and quickly adjust when problems arise. The business's productivity will be enhanced and optimized for more time.

3. Delegation of Tasks

When using a management tool to assign work, an indispensable function in the management process is decentralizing employees to perform work according to the responsibilities of each individual and at different levels.

The division of power will help managers reduce pressure when they have too many responsibilities; in addition, they can exploit and take advantage of the working capacity of employees.

Clear delegation of authority is also a way for employees to understand their responsibilities and focus on key responsibilities without interfering or rambling on the affairs of others.

4. Sync And Link On Various Devices

Most management software today can be easily compatible with many different devices. Data on computers with popular operating systems such as Windows and macOS will quickly synchronize with data on mobile applications and all devices (phones, tablets, laptops).

In addition, many software also has the feature of linking with many different tools, making it easy for people to share and interact with each other. The ability to store information for access when needed also becomes easier and more convenient.

5. Report Creation Support

Another benefit of tool management software is the ability to generate reports based on statistics from job completion levels, completion date, the person in charge, etc. You can retrieve data by day, month, or per project.

Thanks to this list of reports, managers also easily assess the work situation and save time making reports for superiors.

work management software

Very useful report generation utility for business managers

6. Improve Teamwork Efficiency

In the era of technology 4.0, group discussions and online meetings are becoming increasingly popular in all fields, from education and business to other personal work. Many people use applications like Zoom or Google Meet because they make communication possible anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to the group chat and public discussion features integrated into today's management software; staff now can give opinions and contribute to editing work content directly on the working platform together quickly and easily. This greatly supports the teamwork process when a new project requires many individuals' cooperation.

Meanwhile, if the work is handled traditionally, i.e., face-to-face discussion and personal notes on paper or by different note-taking applications, sharing information between departments will take longer, leading to delayed work progress and not optimal efficiency.

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Important Criteria For Choosing The Right Work Management Software For Organizations

Currently, many software vendors on the market are providing solutions and tools for task management with many different features. However, not all software can meet the features of an assignment tool and suit the basic needs of every business.

Before coming to the introductory list of software that may be suitable for you, let's learn more about the criteria that make up a good task management software so that you can make a reasonable choice and use it most effectively.

1. Required Features

A good task management software must have full features such as job planning, job creation, assignment, and work coordination; status tracking; reporting, measuring; data storage, and interactive features.

2. Ease of Use

Operations on the software should be simple and easy to use. The interface must be scientific and user-friendly, with features arranged in an easy-to-observe and identifiable position. Besides, the software should support the Vietnamese language for easier use.

3. Reasonable Cost

When you start to buy or register to use the software in packages, you need to carefully study the product's list price and the service's additional costs if you buy more (hidden costs). It will make it possible for you to compare and choose software with a cost that fits your company's budget.

task management software

The cost factor should be considered in the selection process

4. Developer Support Service

In using the software, there are bound to be problems you need help with from the provider, such as system errors or software trial support, how to use the software, etc. Therefore, before deploying software applications, you should learn about consulting services, vendor support, and support policies in other regions.

5. Software Implementation Feasibility

If your company is using the system or any technology platform in the process of business management, carefully review the details of the software and check that the software is compatible and suitable for business or not.

Because each business will have a different scale of operations and business processes, the requirements for the ability to meet the software needs of businesses are also very diverse and different.

work management software

Software must be deployed in your business

6. Software Developer Reputation

When choosing a software solution for your company, of course, you need to look for products developed by branded, reputable vendors or suppliers that are trusted and appreciated by many experts.

7. Software Popularity

If many businesses use the software, it indicates that it is popular software. That also means the provider has improved it many times to be optimal for the needs of many users. Thanks to that, you will also be very assured of the reputation and get the reference and user experience from those businesses.

Top 5 Best Work Management Software

We have compiled a list of top 5 names in work management for business to consider. There are advantages and disadvantages of each solution for better comparison and choice.

1. Microsoft To-Do

If you are looking for a daily reminder software compatible with other Windows support tools, then Microsoft To-Do will be a suitable candidate. This tool is a reminder and meets users' most basic memory needs.

Microsoft To-Do helps users plan a to-do list daily and regularly reminds them by setting deadlines for each task.

microsoft to do

Microsoft To-Do Application


  • Completely free to use with all the features of the application.
  • There is a feature to note and create sub-tasks in each major work item. An outstanding benefit that some paid software does not have.
  • It can be used on multiple platforms and synchronize data quickly.
  • Support online group discussions with up to 150 participants.
  • Easily share to-do lists with colleagues and friends.
  • The "My Day" feature helps users to update and organize their daily work smartly and efficiently.


  • Users can only connect to Outlook built-in tasks and schedules, but not many people use this Microsoft application.
  • Because it is a free job assignment software, useful features such as search filters and job labeling are not available in this software, making it difficult to manage the application.

2. Trello

Trello is software for teamwork activities (teamwork management), built on the Kanban model - a Japanese-style work management method. This working model allows users to create multiple boards to manage and collaborate on various projects.

trello software

Trello tool

With a minimalist design including a dashboard, Trello's interface helps to visualize work with status columns corresponding to the work progress (To Do - To Do, Doing - In progress, Done: Done).

Each job, when created, is placed in the column with the corresponding status, and users can easily change the job status by just dragging and dropping between the columns.

In addition, the Trello platform is integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Evernote, and other supporting applications, making it easy for managers to track different workflows and work in groups effectively. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple operation, easy to use
  • There is a free version for users to experience (limited features)
  • Manage tasks quickly, save time


  • Not a professional task management software
  • There are a few basic features such as job reporting, administrative member hierarchy, interaction - job exchange, etc.
  • Only suitable for businesses that often work in groups
  • The cost for the upgrade is quite high

3. Google Tasks

For those who often work with Gmail or Google Calendar, Google Tasks is an extremely useful project management software in the Google ecosystem.

All information and data are connected and synchronized when using the software, supporting users to create jobs and remind work schedules without wasting much time. Therefore, Google Tasks is a very suitable tool for individuals who work with simple task needs.

Google tasks

Google Tasks app


  • It is a free task management software
  • Included in the suite of applications that are integrated with other Google tools
  • Easily switch between apps in the Google ecosystem
  • Has the feature of marking and displaying completed work
  • It is possible to initialize the system of subtasks, but it is not possible to set a deadline for each of these items.


  • As the software is little noticed and developed by Google, the applications' updates or patches will not change much compared to the old versions.
  • Can't organize work efficiently because there is no customization feature, grouping tasks by importance or by nature of work.
  • Lack of basic features for assigning tasks, such as assigning tasks, labeling the names of responsible people,

4. Wrike

Wrike is evaluated as a reliable task management tool with full features of an effective job assignment software such as creating jobs, assigning jobs, assigning people to perform, arranging work by project, etc.

In addition, users can also use Wrike to manage business plans and support teamwork through custom settings on the dashboard and the software's reporting function.

Wrike software

Wrike software

Small companies that want a trial experience or small work teams can sign up for the free version of Wrike with up to 5 users. Besides, this software can integrate with file management software from Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, or marketing and sales software like Marketo and Salesforce.


  • Easily collaborate on editing attachments
  • Features tracking progress, specific work status with project views by the chart
  • Intuitive workspace with multiple folders, separate tasks
  • Support export report
  • Combined with much other management software, supporting in managing remote teams effectively


  • The usage cost of the paid versions is quite high ($9.8/month for up to 15 users and $24.8/month for up to 200 users)
  • The supplier's customer service is not good

5. is one of the most popular task scheduling software today and is highly appreciated by foreign users. The tool helps users manage everything on a single platform, from scheduling to assigning tasks and tracking work status.

Not only that, but the platform also inspires users with a workspace with vibrant colors and intuitive templates that can be designed according to your ideas.

The software integrates project management applications (Google Drive, Trello, Slack) and is accessible through Zapier. In addition, users can also log into with email accounts such as Gmail or Linkedin. software software


  • There is a trial version on the website for 14 days
  • Eye-catching interface with custom configuration and permissions
  • Support display mode, view diverse data
  • Intuitive colors associated with different types of work status help users distinguish clearly and easily
  • Support auto-repeat function of existing information
  • Strong integration capabilities
  • Has all the basic features of a job assignment software


  • The system does not support the Vietnamese language yet
  • The price for account plans is at least $8/month for the basic plan and $16/month for the Pro plan.

Wrapping Up

So you have gone through essential information about the work management software. There are also some notable names in this matter for your consideration. We hope you will find this article helpful for your inquires. Thank you for reading. Should you be interested in FieldCheck solution, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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