The fashion business is considered quite competitive when the market is full of many brands of all sizes. The number of clothing stores entering the market to take on the likes of other competitors is increasing day in, day out. Not to mention the online clothing market is also very exciting.

To have a successful business in clothing, shop owners could manage a clothing store with technology to optimize costs and increase profits. FieldCheck store chain management software supports direct management on mobile devices. You could carry out a plan of merchandising conveniently and timely with our solution.

How To Manage Clothing Store Chains Optimally

Optimize business management with the software support

In addition, you will no longer worry about how to share product information and promotions to stores quickly. Let's check out our article to find out how to manage your clothing store chain!

How to Manage A Clothing Store Effectively

To manage a clothing store effectively, shop owners could consider the following tasks.

1. Inventory-Related Tasks

As a time-consuming task, stock checking could raise some specific difficulties for you. Whether you run a business in any industry, it is advisable to think of how to manage or check the inventory effectively and scientifically.

  • Warehouse organization: This area can significantly impact operational efficiency and employee productivity, as a good warehouse organization could help the supervisor check the stock more conveniently and quickly.
  • Stock audit: it is better to conduct a stock audit regularly (e.g., by month or by quarter) as the yearly check might raise certain storage risks and ensure the quality of materials in the warehouse.

Shop owners could utilize a clothing inventory management app to help them track the stock to avoid unexpected losses. 

manage clothing chain store

How to manage the clothing store chain effectively

2. Manage Products

It is advisable to ensure the adequate number of products to supply to the stores. You could manage them by types of shirts, T-shirts, dresses, etc., for easier follow-up and further checking.

  • Management of models and sizes: There are many diverse products in the clothing industry, making detailed classification and counting very difficult. It is necessary to have software systems to easily provide detailed statistics of the number of products and check the inventory models, exact colors, size numbers, and categories.
  • Sales management: This action could help you know which items are best-selling or which ones are not liked by the customers. Accordingly, you could capture the trends and release timely decisions in building campaigns to attract customers and boost sales.
  • Managing all activities in the same platform: Realizing the inadequacy of manual management, many clothing stores have applied the software in their entire system from store staff check-in/check-out, sales report, stock audit, etc

3. Control Finance and Expenses

Building a financial plan for a clothing chain store helps you monitor and evaluate the situation and performance of your business.
Accordingly, you could effortlessly evaluate, calculate, adjust capital sources, and improve operating activities to cut expenditures and boost profits from sales activities.

Some small factors that you need to consider when managing finances:

  • Need to plan cash flow forecast
  • Manage customer debt well
  • Import goods balance/li>
  • Reserve for large investments/li>
  • Set weekly and monthly sales goals
  • Take advantage of supplier promotions

4. Consider Visual Merchandising Strategy

Merchandising management could pose some notable benefits for your clothing business as follows.

  • Logical goods arrangement could improve the customer experience in seeking an outfit they like. Moreover, it could help you boost the sales of some specific products you want to sell more effectively.
  • The placement of clothes, paired with the support of light and store design, could make store visitors have a better mood to open their wallets for you.

That's why it is best to spend a little time investing in visual merchandising management if you want to get higher figures in your sales report.
This feature is aimed to maintain consistent visual merchandising items throughout the clothing chain store while boosting the brand identity of your business.
A notable benefit of our solution is the ability to easily set up merchandising standards by the tool and send them to the stores without any hassle.

5. Manage Employees at Stores

Having more employees for your clothing store chain helps to complete and solve tasks quickly, efficiently, and more productively. That said, many stores have suffered losses because of the dishonesty of their employees in reporting the result of tasks, especially in sales.

How To Manage Clothing Store Chains Optimally

Manage the sales employee at the clothing store

The question is, how to closely track the employee activities to avoid this kind of issue? Today, many enterprises are introducing a clothing store software to manage employees at stores while monitoring sales and activities without being directly present in the stores. All they need to do is to open the app or the Admin tool to get all the figures submitted by the staff in real-time.
On top of that, you could also have multi-layered analyses of tasks for better catching up with the trends.

The software's supportive features that could work for your business include:

  • Avoid fake reports of working hours and get transparent attendance management.
  • Quickly share information about products, promotions, and upcoming events for employees to grasp promptly.
  • Closely monitor the employee's work productivity, making appropriate reward and punishment policies. It is unavoidable that employees are likely to make mistakes in the early stages.
    But the timely discovery of those mistakes could help you take suitable measures to solve and encourage employees to perform better in their task deployment.

6. Collect Customer Data

It is strategic to pay attention to customer data collection in the retail business. Why do you need to do that? The ultimate purpose is to improve the customer experience while gaining more loyal visitors to your shops.
You could use the collected customer data to conduct the Loyalty Program more effectively. As you might know, a loyalty program could make your current customers feel great about supporting your clothing brand.

How To Manage Clothing Store Chains Optimally

Customer data collection is helpful to conduct Loyalty program

By rewarding them for every purchase, you show that you appreciate their business. Rewards could help your customers feel like they are saving money and become more inclined to support your shops repeatedly.
There are many ways to collect customer information: using pen and paper to take notes, input the data into spreadsheets, etc. These methods could bring some specific positive results but still pose some challenges in storage management and further checking.
That's why there should be an ultimate solution like the management app to help the store staff to collect the customer data easily and conveniently.

7. Conduct Promotion Programs

This is a way to increase revenue and encourage potential and current customers to purchase more. Many clothing store chains often launch many sales promotion campaigns like sales-off, buy 1 get 1, Black Friday, etc.
According to a general survey of most clothing stores, customers especially like discounts and promotions. Sales these days could skyrocket to 3 to 5 times normal day sales. The feeling of enjoying products at cheaper prices stimulates customers to shop more.

How To Manage Clothing Store Chains Optimally

Send notifications quickly using mobile devices

How FieldCheck Supports To Manage Clothing Store Chain

In the era of the increasing technology 4.0 development, the application of technological achievements in the retail clothing store chain management might be a great choice to help you solve the dilemmas arising if you traditionally manage your stores.
By introducing the supportive tools to support sales reports, and track staff performance and sales, FieldCheck could streamline the operating activities in the clothing store chain.
Depending on the needs, size, and nature of business operations, each chain store could choose to use built-in features such as:

1. Store Location Management

Many customers will find it a bit annoying when they have to search and visit the brand's official Fanpage on Facebook to find the store location.
FieldCheck supports displaying the addresses of your stores right on the application. Accordingly, customers could find the nearest stores based on the location conveniently and quickly, improving their shopping experience.

2. Lead Generation

Your customers could face difficulties finding the proper products, especially when shopping online. FieldCheck's chatbot helps with the ability to relevantly display products and direct potential customers to the website in the most effective way, increasing conversion rates.

3. Optimal Data Collection

FieldCheck takes advantage of mobile technology and big data to collect data instead of the traditional pen-and-paper method.
Your staff needs to input the information of customers or products right on their phones. Then the Admin system would fraud check and provide the superior data analysis for you.

customer data management

Customer data management

4. Visual Merchandising

The merchandising staff could inspect the stores to see if the rollout is going according to plan and check the status of the displays in the store.
This feature is intended to assist with commodity database management, real-time-based analytics, image management, display rollout tracking, and history review.

How To Manage Clothing Store Chains Optimally

Consistent merchandising throughout the coffee shop system

5. Promoter Management

FieldCheck helps boost the productivity of promoters in the stores by digitizing their tasks. All operating activities like communication, attendance, and sales reporting are done right on the application based on real-time.

Manage Clothing Store Chains by FieldCheck

Closely track employee productivity with the app

6. Supervisor Support

Our solution makes it easy for supervisors to generate a digital checklist and send it to their employees, helping them know what they need to do more accurately and clearly.
They could also utilize these checklists to follow up on the operating activities in the chain coffee shop. In addition, the collected data could be analyzed with FieldCheck to provide businesses with the necessary suggestions quickly.
If you own a clothing chain store and need a system to help you effectively manage your work, let us - FieldCheck become your trusted companion. Schedule a free demo here if you are interested in our solution.