Vietnam is considered a fertile land for the development of a food chain, with advantages in consumer demand, population size, and retail trade growth of up to 12% per year.

Additionally, consumers' keen interest in clean food has driven this market to grow rapidly. After the COVID-19 pandemic, changes in spending show that Vietnamese consumers have become more cautious amid the pandemic.

In a study by Vietnam Report (the article "Overview Of Vietnam's Food And Beverage Industry In 2021"), over 91% of consumers surveyed said they had used online channels to buy food and drink products since the pandemic.

A Simple Way To Manage A Food Chain Store

Increasing demand for food purchases among consumers

Grasping that trend, businesses have launched many systems and business chains of clean food to meet the urgent needs of consumers. But with that development, the question of how to manage a food chain store effectively is still a headache for management-level personnel.
FieldCheck is launched to help managers solve ongoing drawbacks in the management of food chains. How does it work? Let's scroll down to explore.

Problems In Food Chain Management Business

1. Food Quality And Quantity Management

The peculiarity of the food industry is that it has a short expiry date; if not preserved well, it will affect the quality of the product.
It is obviously difficult to handle inventory because if you import fewer goods, you could face an inadequate supply for your business. In contrast, an excess in importing goods could cause goods stagnation, easy to lose for the store. Merchandisers also have difficulty managing as the food is available in different calculation units (kilograms, packages, boxes, etc.).

a simple way to manage a food store

It is essential to control the quality of goods at stores

Besides, supervisors need to pay attention to checking the quality of food sources to ensure they could provide the best quality products to their customers. You might not know this, but if customers once buy low-quality products in your stores, they could never come back.
That's why it is critical to ensure the quality of the products sold in your store all the time.

2. Merchandising Management

When not present at the store/branch in the chain, it will be difficult for the manager to grasp the deployment of merchandising plans in the entire food chain.
And above all, if the food display is not controlled consistently throughout the chain store system, brand recognition will be reduced.

management food store by FieldCheck

Efficient display management with FieldCheck

3. Ineffective Employee Management

The food chain requires a host of employees to complete daily tasks, making it difficult to check the employees' working attitude or work efficiency.
If the business's size and financial capacity are large, the entrepreneurs could build their own IT infrastructure for the development of a management system.
However, if the business's capital is not strong, they still have to apply traditional methods like paper and pen or spreadsheet to cut operating costs, resulting in slow work progress and a lack of work accuracy.
As the paper-based approach demands more administrative resources, it causes challenges for supervisors to manage employees and business's operations.
They also find it difficult to assign tasks to employees in the food chain as there is no tool to support them. Sometimes, there is a situation of overlapping tasks among the employees of different branches.

4. Difficulty In Managing Sales

The management of sales is regularly a challenging task for every business, including the food chain. Traditionally, the staff has to input sales figures in the spreadsheet to report to the supervisors, which is time-consuming and not optimal.
Sometimes, they might input the wrong number, leading the inaccurate sales reports for the business. This obstacle raises the demand for a solution to help enterprises have better sales management.

How A Food Chain Management Software Works

Developed as a solution to ease the operation challenges for food chain managers, FieldCheck boasts a range of innovative features proven to work in reality.
The application of our management software will make work simpler and much more effective, besides improving sales and marketing activities.
Our unique features could help you carry out store audits and keep track of the tasks that need to be done. As a result, you could better manage your work and provide the necessary analysis and action.

manage food store by FieldCheck

Optimize business management with food chain management software

1. Support Employees In Completing Tasks

Daily, employees have to serve a host of customers, especially during peak hours and holidays. Some find it challenging to handle all the tasks well and are likely to make some minor errors.
The application of store chain management software will help them to manage and perform their tasks with better results. Here are some notable benefits of this technology-back solution.

  • Provide clear list of to-do tasks
  • Input the sales to report easily and quickly
  • Support the conversion setting to set up the number of units per box
  • Support the supervisors in recording the number of stock products
  • Report incidents with ease

2. Real Time Reports

Tracking daily reports on each item and each branch will help you have an overview of the food chain business, including the sales report and the attendance of the employees, no name a few.
FieldCheck provides a sales reporting system that covers all business activities, including revenue, inventory, detailed sales reported by each employee, and each item/group of goods.

  • The reports are presented visually and vividly in a graphical form, which could be managed by the application on the phone anytime, anywhere.
  • The data will automatically update the system in real-time. Employees open the FieldCheck app, input the number of products sold, and then hit submit.
  • Data is analyzed both online and offline.

a simple way to manage a food store

Report sales right on the phone

3. Easily Share Promotion Programs

To take on the likes of other competitors in the same industry, most food stores regularly organize "Golden Hour" or "Flash sale" promotions to attract customers. This is also the occasion for you to handle the inventory of the products that are not selling well.
FieldCheck food chain management software helps you manage promotions, promptly updating the exact status of promotions every second for employees to grasp.
Some of the features our solution offer:

  • Support the notification attached to the YouTube link, images, and documents to inform a promotional program like sale-off, Black Friday, etc.
  • You could also set a schedule to send the notifications or repeat them. It is available to check the notification view rate.

4. Managing Employee Performance

FieldChecks helps the supervisors capture and closely monitor the performance of the store staff anytime and anywhere with their devices. Based on the evaluation result, you could conduct suitable policies to encourage the employees to work better.
Our solution helps simplify the leave application of the employees, eliminating the manual approval process or spreadsheet management. You could manage leaves and approve any time-off request online with ease.
What makes FieldCheck stand out among other solutions is that it allows the application for leaves by hours or half a day.

A Simple Way To Manage A Food Chain Store


FieldCheck provides different types of leaves

5. Consistent Visual Merchandising For Chain Stores

It is critical to ensure consistency in visual merchandising throughout the chain food store, from the store design to the display of the products sold in the stores.
The reason why you need to focus on merchandising is to make the customers feel the same quality when coming to different branches of the system. Besides, logical demonstration of products could improve the customer experience.

manage a food chain store

Consistent visual merchandising for the food chain

When your customers regularly have the best shopping experience, it is obvious that they could become potential loyal visitors to your stores. To make it happen, merchandisers need to regularly audit the stores to see if the implementation of merchandising is as planned.
Developed to support the merchandisers in doing their tasks, FieldCheck boasts a range of features that could help you to:

  • Create a merchandising item with ease
  • Inform the stores to carry out the plan
  • Real-time analytics
  • Image management
  • Follow up on display implementation
  • Review history

6. Prevent Goods Shortage In Every Store

FieldCheck helps to record detailed goods inventory for stock auditing. Accordingly, you could grasp the situation of the stock comprehensively, avoiding the shortage of goods in the entire system.

  • Ability to record large quantities of items with various units of measure such as bundles, kilograms, crates, bags, etc.
  • Flexible convert currency units and eliminate errors when converting units.
  • Accurate statistics based on the report of the stock audit task.

A Simple Way To Manage A Food Chain Store That You Should Not Ignore

FieldCheck supports the stock audit and provides the analysis

The above are the problems in food chain management that you often encounter. If you intend to expand your food chain store business, it is best to consider and find the most reasonable solution to minimize the risks during your store's operation.
Thanks to the development of technology, a lot of software has been created to help food chain business owners effectively manage goods and operating activities.
The tool partly supports the implementation of promotions to discharge inventory, manage employee productivity, and update customer information, especially reporting each store's sales in the chain.
If you intend to find suitable software for store management, let's give FieldCheck a try. The software will help you turn the management easier, optimizing the business operations.