Paint shop management software is a tool used by many modern paint businesses to manage the system of branches, monitor and track the operation process of warehouses and chain stores, as well as help financial - human resources management and customer management, become more convenient and time-saving.

Most of the software on the market is compatible with today's mobile devices and able to aggregate and provide information on the same system. As a result, software users or shop owners can easily manage and flexibly check work anytime, anywhere.

paint store

A paint retail store

So, if you don't apply software in management, what problems will businesses face when operating a chain of paint shops? In today's article, FieldCheck will provide the essentials to help you make an informed decision before purchasing and using the software.

Difficulties Encountered When Operating a Chain of Paint Stores

Managing the Synchronicity of Displays at Each Point of Sale

Attracting and retaining customers in-store is important in today's competitive retail market. At this time, product display is an important factor motivating customers to buy your product.

However, monitoring the display of goods at each store and ensuring synchronization and consistency between stores is challenging for managers.

In that case, you should use a software tool that supports image reporting to record and manage the actual store display condition. This technique makes it easy to set up, adjust display criteria to your business's standards, and help improve your store's image more effectively.

paint display
Proper product display is also a challenge

Ease of Error When Inventorying Goods

Owning a chain of paint shops will be different than if you run just a certain store.

With a large number of goods distributed in many different branches, you will have to spend a lot of effort to manage and control the goods in all stores, from the number of imported goods, the number of current stock/stock, to the product name, cost and use-by date.

Suppose only manual management methods such as bookkeeping or Excel are unavailable, and there is no clear management system. In that case, it can lead to the problem that all information is not synchronized and stored.

At that time, situations such as confusion about paint types, inventory process, and error reporting will easily happen to new employees and become a burden for them.

It is also one of the reasons why the business of the enterprise is not evaluated correctly.

store audit

Difficulty in inventorying goods

Easy Financial Loss

According to traditional management, at the end of each day, the store manager or supervisor will have to summarize the sales invoices and revenue records at each store, then send them back to the manager.

As a manager of a paint shop chain, you not only manage a huge variety of goods but also have to manage and supervise a lot of employees, including managing working hours, calculating staff salaries, and the quality and productivity of employees.

A chain of paint stores can be up to nine to ten stores, so a manager cannot control everything or detect if there is a case of fraud during the sales process and record documents.

With the use of paint store management software, staff at the store only need to select the type of product and quantity that the customer buys on the supported device.

sales management

Difficult to control revenue

The software will now charge and invoice the customer according to the pre-established product price list. The total amount of sales for the day will be shown directly on the software, making the sales management of the chain stores much more efficient and convenient.

Compilation of Reports Takes Time

The situation of errors and discrepancies in reports when controlling large quantities of raw materials and thousands of different designs, such as paint, is very difficult to avoid.

In addition, managers also need to monitor and understand information to have solutions for the timely preservation and handling of expired products.

That is where paint shop management software comes in handy. It will assist you in updating accurate information and optimizing employee time and effort. The process of aggregating and reporting from there is no longer a headache.

Difficulty In Connecting Customers

In business and sales, no matter for any product, it is always important to take care and keep relationships with customers. However, with the traditional management style, only the staff at the store can contact customers and understand their needs.

Chain store managers will not often come and be present at all stores to monitor and grasp loyal customers and identify potential customers of their business.

Another special feature of the paint business is that individual customers make up the majority. They also have to bear many other costs in building and repairing houses, so they will often pay an amount in advance instead of the whole thing.

paint shop clerk

Staff at a paint shop

The application of software helps you manage and track debts and remember and remind customers on time, which also helps the store's relationship with customers become more transparent, clear, and better.

Notes When Choosing Paint Store Management Software

High Flexibility

Not all paint shop chains have the same scale and operation. Therefore, you need to own software that can be quickly customized according to each need.

Also, some software products with many features you may not need to use sometimes confuse your operation. 

It would be great if there is software you can freely add/remove whatever features you want. Any shop owner aspires to stick to the needs, saving time and saving the budget.

Suppliers Have In-depth Knowledge of Chain Operations

Many people did not research carefully but only believed completely in the advertising, so they were subjective and bought the wrong management software that did not fit the business model.

Therefore, another important criterion when choosing a paint shop management software is to find an experienced supplier used by many customers in the chain operation business.

paint shop management software

Using paint shop management software

You can start by visiting the supplier's website, searching for information about the supplier on social networks, and seeing reviews from customers who have used it.

Only then can you assess the reputation and consider the degree of software suitability with the needs of your business or not.

Compatibility with Availability Systems 

Some large chain stores may already have operating systems (e.g., DMS, ERP) or POS software, and they only need to add a few feature modules for each part.

Currently, management software needs to be extremely customizable to be compatible and not cause conflicts with the existing system.

It's best to try it out before deciding to buy to get a more specific view of what the provider can offer you.

Easy To Install And Use

A good paint shop management software should be set up as simple and easy to use so that all software users can easily operate it on any device.

In addition, the interface must be scientific and user-friendly, with features arranged in an easy-to-observe and identifiable position. The software should also support the Vietnamese language so that employees do not face difficulties and inconveniences during use.

Technical Team for Continuous Support

In the process of using the software, there will be problems you need help with from the supplier, such as how to use the software, support for testing the software, errors from the system, etc.

New businesses applying management software often have difficulty getting used to and mastering all the features.

software support team

Technical Support Team

Therefore, you should learn about consulting services, support from suppliers, and support policies in other regions before deploying the paint store management software with enthusiastic and dedicated support staff.

Fieldcheck - Outstanding Store Management Software

Currently, there is much software available on the market that can assist you in chain and retail store management. FieldCheck is one technology solution that brings you the best efficiency and comprehensive management. Let's take a look at the following special features:

Product Display Management At Point of Sale

To create consistent in-store displays and improve brand identity for chain stores, FieldCheck also supports a feature to help staff in charge of displays.

paint shop management software FieldCheck

FieldCheck app’s display management feature

You can set up display standards at chain stores and send them to store employees for quick and convenient deployment through the Admin tool. Employees can access tasks on a mobile app for quick deployment. In addition, supervisors can rely on pre-existing standards for convenience testing.

Quick Store Auditing And Incident Reporting

Instead of using pen and paper or Excel to update store sales daily, FieldCheck store chain management software can help store employee report data on the mobile phone application. Your employees can now open the FieldCheck app, enter the number of products sold, and then hit submit.

FieldCheck software application to manage the paint shop chain will help employees and managers quickly check the number of products in stock at each store and easily update the goods information of all stores in the system.

Monitor And Evaluate Business Performance of Each Store

With FieldCheck management software, the metrics will be automatically updated to the system based on real-time. Accordingly, managers can easily see and track sales at stores to take necessary actions.

paint shop management software

The use of software makes it convenient to manage multiple stores

Taking inventory is also made simple with FieldCheck. Store staff or supervisors can use the app to update stock availability and place additional orders if needed. From there, your paint shops also operate more efficiently, and you can easily compare and evaluate the business ability of each store.

Manage Employees' Attendance & Day-Off Easily

Managing working hours and employee productivity is also simplified with our software. Employees can use the app to check in/ out when they arrive at the store. After that, the report will be recorded, and statistics on the system will be based in real time.

Managers can track attendance in the Timeline or get a broader view with statistics and graph analysis in Employee Productivity Analytics.

paint shop management software

FieldCheck supports employee work monitoring

From there, managers can monitor whether employees comply with the company's working regulations or make appropriate salary and bonus decisions.




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